Thursday, June 22, 2006

'Threshold of Hell' at the L.A. Film Festival

"The Beach Party At The Threshold of Hell," which was pre-produced and shot around Pensacola Beach and Fort Pickens, is making its big-screen debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival 11:59 p.m. Friday, June 23 at the Majestic Crest Theater in Westwood.

"This gives us validation," says the film's associate producer, Nick Bodkins.

Written and directed by Gulf Breeze native Kevin Wheatley, the futuristic horror comedy is crafted to the point that it's ready for the upcoming film fest season—including a first-run screening at the revamped L.A. festival directed by "Star Wars" creator George Lucas.

"Things are very, very hot with 'The Beach Party' right now," explains producer Jamie Bullock.

"The word is traveling fast that we have something great on our hands and we're working hard to follow a path that's going to make the film a success for the people who believed in us and helped get us here," she continues.

The team has also signed with Strategic Film Partners, an agency focused on the packaging and distribution of filmed entertainment to the global marketplace.

"Partners really love and 'get' the film, which we feel will give us a strong upper hand when courting distributors who we hope will want to buy the film at a competitive price," remarks Bullock.

The film's actor-director Wheatley, who recently finished taping a sitcom pilot with Christine Baranski in Los Angeles, is already planning ahead.

The filmmaker is in the process of hashing out two sequels to "Threshold of Hell," both set on the beaches of Pensacola. Wheatley is currently in discussions to shoot the films consecutively in Nov. 2007.

"The sequels will keep the same main characters and focuses on their struggles," he explains. "However, the threat gets bigger and involves literally the entire world closing in upon them."

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