Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Project Runway" scandal?

Well, "scandal" is an incendiary word, but the blogosphere is buzzing about "Project Runway" season 3 wannabe, Keith Michael, and the alleged fake sketches he presented in his initial audition.

Loaded Gun's alarms were set off when Michael claims to have collaborated on women’s apparel during the initial interview with Tim Gunn—but later brags that his winning garmet last week was the first dress he ever designed.

According to OMG blog, Michael defends his sketchy sketches.

I thought it might be time to write in. for the record, i submitted 5 portfolios for the judges review. the one you seem to be focusing on was a research assignment i did for a client in which i reviewed key fashion trends. as a designer, trend forecasting jobs come to me quite frequently. i'm very proud of all the work that i do. the panel of judges that reviewed my work had many years experience behind them. i found them neither ignorant, uninformed or misguided about their own profession. keith-

Last week's “what’s to come” promo at the end of the first "Project Runway" episode alludes to a big controversy that possibly results in one of the contestants getting kicked off the show. Could it be Michael?

Tune in Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (CT) on Bravo.


Anonymous said...

Keith definitely has that Santino/Wendy bravado going on. I bet he makes it to the final three.

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