Monday, July 17, 2006

Spencer in "Angela's Eyes"

Gulf Breeze native Abigail Spencer is "gorgeous" as FBI agent Angela Henson on Lifetime's new docu-drama, "Angela's Eyes."

But is her character more style than substance?

Here's an excerpt from a review in the New York Times:

Angela Henson sees things. Not exactly like Allison DuBois on NBC’s “Medium,” who has dreams, most often about murders. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that Angela knows things. Like Adrian Monk of USA’s “Monk,” the Holmesian detective who sees clues where mere mortals draw a blank. Angela is never wrong. Like Dr. Gregory House of Fox’s “House.” If he makes a diagnostic error, that means the whole episode is a dream.

Angela (the gorgeous Abigail Spencer) is the FBI agent heroine of Lifetime’s new drama series “Angela’s Eyes,” which has its premiere on Sunday night. And Lifetime would love nothing more than for her to take her place alongside those infallible television favorites.

She proves herself in the first episode by becoming fed up with an uneventful three-day stakeout, barging into a diner and confronting the man who she knows is harboring a terrorist. She can even tell where the terrorist is by the movement of the man’s eyes when he lies about it. And when he puts a gun to her poreless forehead, she is so sure of his intentions that she is able to say, coolly: “Wow. Scary.”

It would be nice if Angela’s persona were truly distinctive, but, played by Ms. Spencer, she may turn out to be just another very pretty face.


Based on last night's performance, I would have to argue that Spencer's portrayal is, in fact, multi-dimensional. The character is young--and so is Spencer--and that comes across in some of the Valley Girl-isms interspersed throughout the hour-long premiere. However, the actress is convincing as a young woman who has this amazing gift as a human lie detector--but can't seem to turn it off in her personal life. The conflict is that she has this ability but lacks the maturity or life experience to handle what comes with the responsibility.

Great job Abigail!

Click here for Loaded Gun's interview with Spencer earlier this month.


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