Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pensacola roll models?

A group of women are starting a grassroots-style Roller Derby league--similar to the down-n-dirty derby chicks featured in A&E's "Rollergirls"--in Pensacola.

The group's recruiter, Kat A. Lyst, says they're looking for women 21 and older with health insurance, the ability to practice twice a week and have the means to purchase skates and safety gear. They welcome ladies of all fitness and skating levels.

Skaters are part of a team that has a unique theme (ie, waitresses, cops, pirate wenches, car mechanics, pilots, etc.) and some even wear fishnets! Each skater chooses her own unique Roller Girl persona (i.e, "Helena Handbasket," "Darth Skater" and "Amelia Scareheart" to name a few). No two are alike!

According to Kat A. Lyst, it's a fun way to dress up, play hard, have tons of fun, meet friends and get a super workout.

Practices will begin right away at Skateland in Milton.

Click here for more info.

Also, here's my article on the roller derby contenders featured on A&E's "Rollergirls" from the Austin-based Texas Roller Derby league.


Anonymous said...

most of the girls in this town that have the physical abilities and strength to participate in roller derby are not financially privileged enough to have ANY health insurance coverage at all!!!
beyond are they all going to ride their bikes all the way to milton for practices three nights a week? tough girls don't own cars! doesn't Kat A. Lyst know this?!?! she must not be from 'round here. you know, some of the girls that worked at arety's this winter were talking about starting a league...

Anonymous said...

The local roller derby league has risen from it ashes and is going strong. We will be up and going completely as soon as we find a centrally located location to play derby. If you want more info check us out on: or!/profile.php?id=754365110&ref=ts

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