Friday, August 04, 2006

"Project Runway" spoiler

Still trying to figure out why the models on Bravo's "Project Runway" are going nuts to grab photos for in the promos for next week's challenge. According to, Each of the models choose a fashion icon for their designers to modernize and this is how everybody matched up (designer / fashion icon / model):

Angela / Audrey Hepburn / Clarissa
Michael / Pam Grier / Nazri
Robert / Jackie O / Danielle
Jeffrey / Madonna / Marilinda
Kayne / Marilyn Monroe / Amanda
Uli / Diana Ross / Lindsay
Vincent / Twiggy / Jia
Alison / Farrah Fawcett / Alexandra
Laura / Cher / Katie
Bradley / Katharine Hepburn / Camilla

Also, People magazine just released an interview with Keith Michael, the bad boy who was the first ever "Project Runway" contestant to get kicked off for breaking the rules.

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