Friday, August 11, 2006

Rocker AJ bobblehead

Our pal, AJ Fratto, has emerged from the Nu-metal ashes after first breaking up with the IN Music Award-winning band Imperial Shreds and then Below The Stitch to launch a new act called Baqslash. The tweaked sound is a throwback to the balls-out arena rock from bands like Buckcherry and Quiet Riot.

He's going by the stage name Rocker AJ these days and has a few projects in the works that could rival his entertaining show on the stage outside of the Staind performance at the Pensacola Civic Center on April 28.

All we have is this goofy Rocker AJ bobblehead to keep us company while he's on tour as the Blue Angels crew chief.

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Below The Stitch said...

Below The Stitch has a new album coming out April 2009. Original line-up. The title is "Never Walk Alone". Check us out at:

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