Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cover controversy

This is cracking me up, but there's a lot of controversy swirling around about the cover. We've had several people who normally carry the paper call us--flipping out.

A few places have even banned the issue because it's "too suggestive."

The funny thing is that the issue is flying off the racks. We've gone through several reams of the issue in the past few hours just from our stand outside of our office.


Justin! said...

Haha, mostly middle aged women!

Sam Baltrusis said...

The controversy over the cover is being hashed out over at Rick's blog.

Grant Mosley, bassist from Glory of This, slams one man who calls himself a "good Christian."

“I find the cover picture of the young homosexual man to be disgusting. I thought he was just a street punk but the above comments make me realize this was an obvious attempt by the paper to shove more hom(o)sexual agenda down the throats of Christians.

Unfortunately, I do realize that my words will probably trigger no useful response in the flabby synapses of the homosexual brain but I just felt obligated to go through the motions. The homos are like water, they are everywhere, they can and will kill you if given a chance and their sick minds take the form of whatever perversion they surround themselves with at any given moment, ” writes Good Christian.

hahaha….a christain complaining about things being shoved down their throat. haha, what a concept. oh and by the way i am not gay, nor would i consider myself a “street punk”. sweet of you to point out though. i started writing this big long thing about hate..and how it is dangerous, but i stopped. pressed back space and decided it wasn’t worth it.

i guess i just realize that my words probably would trigger no useful response from a god fearing individual like yourself.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather look at this guy than see another picture of Mort O'Sullivan or Quint Studer which would turn just as many stomaches. Rename this rag the "Maritime News" that's all you talk about when you aren't promoting punk rock concerts.

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