Friday, August 10, 2007

Condom ads too controversial for school

Officials at the Saint Kevin School in Dorchester flipped out over a safe-sex billboard promoting condom use. What's the issue? They're fuming because the ad was placed across the street from the school.

The billboard, part of a citywide campaign which advocates condom use, displays two hands holding a rubber, asking people to get tested for AIDS. The copy: "Are you using?"

The campaign, which was launched during gay pride week in June, includes two other billboards and smaller signs on buses and stores. The campaign only lasts one month--althought it's been up for three months--and Mayor Tom Menino promises that the advertisement will be removed prior to the beginning of the school year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i think posters and billboards should not be removed, if we are going to that extreme then sex should be completely removed from tv and music. it's inuendos are all over the place. it's a fact that kids are sexaully active and younger and younger ages so it's only right to so them how to be safe. let's not try and deny the fact that they know so much at such young ages. if condoms are not used transmission of HIV/AIDS and STIs are transmitted and then the statistics are increased. people are afraid that putting condoms out there will encourage kids to have sex but where or not the condoms are there kids will have their way. so isn't it better to prevent diseases that can be fatal and chronic, then to take down some billboard that is "controversial"?

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