Friday, August 31, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.31.07

Drag diva extraordinaire, Miss Coco Peru

Shooting on Common sent tourists running for cover
SOURCE: Boston Herald

In praise of four-letter words
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

Laboring over beer
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Toyota's teapot tempest
SOURCE: IN Newsweekly

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.30.07

In search of Kerouac
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

At Great Scott, Hot Lunch served one last time
SOURCE: Boston Herald

'Jackass' doesn't do him justice
SOURCE: Boston Metro

'Celebrity Rap' a sign of world's end?

Settlement reached in 'Running With Scissors' suit
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.29.07

Incoming gay freshmen face discrimination based on Facebook profiles

Mitt takes hit on 'Big Love'
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Local ladies vie for 'Top Model'

Herald sets records for vampire puns
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

The ditzy, guano-caked month in review
SOURCE: Weekly Dig

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.28.07

New wave of gay ads hit TV

Mattapan MC trades in rap sheet for rap success
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Old Tea Party museum catches fire ... again

The many heads of George Saunders
SOURCE: Boston Metro

DIY theater that doesn't suck
SOURCE: Weekly Dig

Monday, August 27, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.27.07

Gerard Way talks about the Projekt Revolution tour
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

Keeping 'Betty' buzz going

The Cure postpones its Sept. 25 gig at Agganis Arena
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Great outdoors prove too great for this temporary ICA exhibition
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Bad boys need fierce girls

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boston hosts red carpet release of 'HATCHET'

Writer/Director and Holliston native Adam Green will screen his upcoming feature film, “HATCHET,” on Wednesday, Sept. 4.

Hosted by Newbury Comics, the Invitation Only special event will take place at the AMC Loews Boston Commons. “Hatchet” has received standing ovations at film festivals around the globe and was a particular hit when it premiered at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival last year.

The film opens nationwide on Friday, Sept. 7.

“Hatchet” pays homage to the classic horror films of the ‘70s and ‘80s where plain folk find themselves in mysterious fog and mortal danger. Unlike other thrillers being distributed today, “Hatchet” was meticulously and proudly produced without the use of computer generated imagery (CGI), relying solely on time-tested movie making magic.

It is a film filled with thrills, chills – and humor. And it introduces the next horror movie icon -- Victor Crowley!

“There are many aspects of ‘Hatchet’ that come from my upbringing in Boston,” explained Green. “And Newbury Comics has a noticeable presence in the film because that’s where I got all my formative ‘literature’ when I was growing up.”

With a cast that includes Mercedes McNab (“Buffy, the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” “Touched by an Angel”), Joel David Moore (“Dodgeball,” James Cameron’s “Avatar”) Deon Richmond (“The Cosby Show,” “Not Another Teen Movie”) and Patrika Darbo (“Days of our Lives”), the film also features cameos that every fan of the horror genre will gleefully recognize. Several of the cast members are expected to attend the special screening.

Click here for the lowdown.

Eddie Mekka finally hooks up in 'Hairspray'

When things heated up between Eddie Mekka’s small-screen alter ego, Carmine "The Big Ragoo" Ragusa, and Shirley Feeney in the ’70s hit "Laverne & Shirley," Ragusa was always told to take a cold shower.

"We could never really hook up because it would then be ’Laverne & Shirley & Carmen’ and the network execs wanted to keep it focused on the two women," jokes Mekka, phoning backstage from rehearsals of the touring production of the musical "Hairspray." "They started having Shirley date other guys and Carmine other women and the audience simply hated it."

Not so in "Hairspray" at the Ogunquit Playhouse this week; he gets to mack it with Ryan Landry.

Click here to check out my interview with Mekka in EDGE Boston.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.24.07

Blogging, puking and crying
SOURCE: Weekly Dig

Documentary director scores big with debut

The real return of The Rentals
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Skater Sasha Cohen embraces actor's craft
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Eddie Mekka finally scores in 'Hairspray'

Thursday, August 23, 2007

P-town tourism director quits amid Oprah scandal

It’s a story oddly similar to last year’s publishing fiasco resulting in author James Frey getting a royal smackdown on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" over the lack of honesty in his memoir, "A Million Little Pieces."

Now, a Provincetown man is out of a job after falsely claiming his self-published gay love story made Oprah’s coveted book club.

Bill Schneider, who became the head of P-town’s tourism office in 2004 after the city was being swarmed with marriage license requests from same-sex partners, resigned on Tuesday amid a swell of local controversy.

Click here for my complete story in EDGE Boston.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.23.07

Loaded Gun was the first to break the news about Red Sox slugger David Ortiz's "Papi-mobile" going on the auction block on Monday.

Here are my top five fave posts about the incident:

Ortiz attracting attention on eBay: Bidding tops $450k
SOURCE: Boston Herald

David Ortiz's car is a big hit on eBay
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Papi-mobile for sale to highest bidder

Anything Manny can do, Papi can do better
SOURCE: Boston Magazine's Boston Daily

Big Papi looking to get big money for Mercedez Benz on eBay

UPDATE: Apparently no one made a real bid on Ortiz's Papi-mobile. Go figure.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

BostonNOW feature on North End's Salem Street

Forget Hanover Street. While tourists flock to the North End hotspot to sample traditional Italian staples and soak in its rustic charm, hardcore foodies know that just a cannoli's throw away is one of the oldest -- and most culturally vibrant -- blocks in Boston.

Click here for my feature in today's BostonNOW called "Salem Street: Vibrant, reborn."

Photo: Rita Moran (left) and her sister Lisa Cerundolo, co-owners of La Galleria 33.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.21.07

Infamous ax murderer on mock trial

South End a beehive of activity for 'Bachelor' shoot
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Dohra Ahmad celebrates the art of tearing up language
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Storied Bellevue Hospital has started its own presses rolling
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Outing 2007: Are there any limits?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big Papi's car on eBay auction block

David Ortiz, also known as Big Papi from the Boston Red Sox, is selling his 2005 Mercedes Benz, SL-Class SL65 AMG on eBay.

According to the posting seen here, the car was a gift for himself after winning the 2004 World Series.

The Benz, which has been featured in DUB magazine and won the 2006 award for Best Celebrity Car, will be hand delivered by Big Papi himself at Fenway Park to the highest bidder.

Interested? Better have deep pockets: the tricked out sports car is currently going for $169,000.

UPDATE: Apparently no one made a real bid on Ortiz's Papi-mobile. Go figure.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.20.07

The next big thing is on preschool TV
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Faux first lady is toast of P'town
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Why pay for Wi-Fi?

Building the new Disney empire, one tween at a time
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

An unlikely trip from Dirty Vegas to the South Shore
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Sunday, August 19, 2007

'America's Next Top Model' casting in Boston

The folks at "America's Next Top Model" are on the hunt for a crew of hotties who want to rock the catwalk.

Producers at my day job, CW56, are searching for women who can make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of modeling. They're holding an open casting call in Boston this week.

Think you got the goods?

Then check it out Noon- 4 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21 at Felt, 533 Washington St. Boston, MA.

Click here for more information.

Friday, August 17, 2007

North Carolina artist sounds off

Here's one of my favorite posts in response to my blog entry, "Are Boston writers undervalued, underpaid?":

It's not just writers, it's artists, too. I've given up freelancing.

Clients—whose success is largely built on my designs—invariably get too big for their britches. The better they do, the worse they treat the person who was such an integral part of their success.

You'd think that skyrocketing sales, attention from national distributors, would indicate that something is being done more than right, and they'd recognize that and value it.

Not so. The better they do, the more important they think they are, the less important they think you are. Suddenly, you're having to nag to get paid (because now they're doing YOU a favor by letting you work on their projects).

I'm sick of it. I'd rather go back to corporate and let some poor account manager deal with the clients so I can just do art.

Click here to go to her blog.

Editor's Note: It's been several months and I haven't been paid for my work for Not For Tourists Boston. I've tried several times to demand my check and they've pretty much ignored me. For the record, Not For Tourists is not for writers. They use you for your content and refuse to pay you.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.17.07

Angels and devils of porn
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

Gangbanging for dummies?
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Landmark Wilbur Theatre for sale

Voices from the basement
SOURCE: Boston Magazine's Boston Daily

DJ Spider, 'Dazed and Confused'
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.16.07

Britain's retro-glam sister act

Punk rockers learn to Rise Against apathy
SOURCE: Boston Herald

The problematic culture of 'virginity rings'
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

William Gibson sees the future in the present
SOURCE: Weekly Dig

Old hits overwhlem new Velvet Revolver material
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.15.07

What's next for GLAAD

Documentary focuses on New England short story writer Andre Dubus
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Spears-on-Spears action
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Mansion may obscure what Hopper painted
SOURCE: Boston Globe

John Nikolai art show aborted after ZuZu removed eight pieces
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.14.07

Loaded Gun was the first to break the news on porn star Ron Jeremy's wild weekend in Boston, nearly avoiding a drunk driver on a bus tour promoting the "Great Porn Debate." Here are my top five fave (albeit flawed) posts about the incident:

Troopers review cop porn star pix

Porn star dodges disaster
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Ron Jeremy's wild weekend
SOURCE: Film Stew

Bang bus
SOURCE: Boston Magazine

Ron Jeremy and friends barely escape local drunk driver
SOURCE: Bostonist

Monday, August 13, 2007

Chat with GLAAD president, Neil Giuliano

Just had a great interview with former Tempe, AZ mayor and current president of GLAAD, Neil Giuliano (pictured here with designer Tom Ford).

He's in P-town this week and is planning to be at the Absolut Provincetown event hosted by The Crown and Anchor, 247 Commercial St. from noon until 2:30 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 14.

When asked about the Aussie Bum-clad models expected at the fundraiser, Giuliano admits the group of 15 volunteers are all his pals. But, he jokes, "all of my friends are extremely good looking."

The profile on Giuliano will appear in EDGE Provincetown and EDGE Boston. Hopefully, we'll have a photographer at the bash to get a few shots of the Aussie Bums' bums.

Click here for the article.

As promised, here are pics from the event.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.13.07

David Beckham sits out another MLS game

WEEI sports hosts given time to 'reflect'
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Questioning Merv's sexuality

Bringing sexy back, indeed
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Journey into hell
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Porn legend Ron Jeremy nearly hit by drunk driver on Mass Pike

Adult film star Ron Jeremy and XXXchurch founder Craig Gross--in Boston this past Friday discussing the pros and cons of pornography in the “Great Porn Debate"—had a scary experience early Saturday morning after a drunk driver almost careened into their tour bus on the Mass Turnpike.

Gross describes the accident in detail on his blog, “There were eight of us in the front of the bus in the living room area and we all landed on top of each other,” says the 31-year-old pastor.

“I have never seen Ron Jeremy move like that,” Gross continues. “My two kids and Jeanette were sleeping and did not even wake up. Jason the moderator of the debate busted his ankle. The drunk driver tried to put his passenger in the driver’s seat but thanks to all the cameras in our bus we got proof of that. They handcuffed him and took him to jail.”

The Michigan-based pastor says the officers and cleanup crew at the scene boarded the bus after the accident to pose for pictures with the porn legend.

Click here to read my pre-accident interview with Jeremy and Gross in EDGE Boston. Also, check out photos of the crash here.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

NBC's 'Biggest Loser' casting in Boston today

It's the NBC reality show where people fight fat, get fit and win cash in the process.

And it's the only show where being a loser … makes you a winner.

Producers from "The Biggest Loser" are in Boston on Saturday searching for contestants for latest installment of the popular prime-time show.

What's different for Season 5? They're searching the country for individuals or teams of two wanting to compete, and lose weight, together.

Here's how you can get in on the action. Just head to Felt in Downtown Boston, 533 Washington St., until 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Click here for more details.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Condom ads too controversial for school

Officials at the Saint Kevin School in Dorchester flipped out over a safe-sex billboard promoting condom use. What's the issue? They're fuming because the ad was placed across the street from the school.

The billboard, part of a citywide campaign which advocates condom use, displays two hands holding a rubber, asking people to get tested for AIDS. The copy: "Are you using?"

The campaign, which was launched during gay pride week in June, includes two other billboards and smaller signs on buses and stores. The campaign only lasts one month--althought it's been up for three months--and Mayor Tom Menino promises that the advertisement will be removed prior to the beginning of the school year.

Porn's master debaters

Adult film legend Ron Jeremy and XXXchurch founder Craig Gross have one thing in common: they both get a rise when they talk about porn.

While Gross is vehemently against skin flicks and Jeremy has transformed his larger-than-life phallus into a pop culture franchise, the polar opposite "frienemies" have forged an unlikely kinship this past week traveling cross country in a bus to promote their seven-city tour called "The Great Porn Debate."

The odd couple recently found themselves defending each other during a taping of the nationally syndicated radio show, "Mancow's Morning Madhouse," in Chicago.

"Ron's a great guy. He happens to have a job that I'm not OK with, but that's about it," says Gross, phoning from the XXXchurch tour bus in Indianapolis. "When we did 'Mancow,' the host was ripping into Ron, calling him the devil. And when I handed him a Bible, he went through the roof. He called me a hypocrite and said I was doing this so I could live like a porn star."

The 31-year-old XXXchurch pastor continues, "We walked into the show to debate porn and we walked out defending each other."

Jeremy, 54, echoes Gross' sentiment. "If you tell him this I'm going to have to kick you," he jokes. "But I actually kind of like the guy. I know that I'm not supposed to like someone I'm debating, but he really has won me over."

Bosom buddies? Not so fast.

CRAIG GROSS, porn pastor VS. RON JEREMY, porn king

Click here for the complete article in EDGE Boston and EDGE New York.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.10.07

Courtney Love's blog
SOURCE: Weekly Dig

Still Warped, even at Tweeter
SOURCE: Boston Herald

K-Fed, musical genius
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Porn's master debaters

What Beckham brings to Boston

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.09.07

When Rupert came to Boston
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

Hub band has Luxury of making cool video
SOURCE: Boston Herald

From unemployment to touring

Meet Provincetown's very own James Frey?
SOURCE: Weekly Dig

For old Cape frequency, a new sound and name
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Radar calls prince 'Dirty Harry'

The cover of Radar magazine's upcoming September issue shows the playboy prince reclining bare-chested on a throne, wearing boxers with beer cans littering the floor.

The fake photo of the 22-year-old royal accompanies an article that describes the prince as a "skirt-chasing, hard-partying royal pain."

Dirty or not, gotta love Harry.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.08.07

Boston Herald land sold, soul next
SOURCE: Weekly Dig

Hunk's not a 'Garden' variety host
SOURCE: Boston Herald

'Avalon' finds magic down on the Farm
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Binge drinkers prefer beer
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Adding Celtic touch on festival circuit

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Explosive doc opens in Cambridge

Move over Michael Moore. "No End In Sight," the explosive new documentary from MIT grad Charles Ferguson lambasting the White House and the war in Iraq, opens at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge on Friday, Aug. 10.

Click here for details.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.07.07

And now, back to the news
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Bring back the divas!

BU grad spills Bean on starring on FX's 'Damages'
SOURCE: Boston Herald

AMC makes plays for sports dramas

Boys will be B-Boys
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Monday, August 06, 2007

Local rock 'n' roll book hits shelves Sept. 15

Brett Milano, a long-time music critic with The Boston Phoenix, releases his book "The Sound of Our town: A History of Boston Rock & Roll" on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Here's the lowdown:

Boston has had its celebrity bands, including Aerosmith, The Cars, J. Geils, and even the band Boston, fronted by the recently lamented Brad Delp. They’re all here in this anecdotal, illustrated history. But what makes this book such a great read—and what gives Boston its distinctive “sound”—are tales of the local bands who played not in the “Gahden” or even at the legendary Boston Tea Party of late 60s fame and legend, but at The Rat, Club 47, the Lizard Lounge, and all the other clubs, boites, and dives Milano has been haunting since he first arrived in the city as a college studentsmitten with rock.

Observing the scene in 2007, Milano notes, “Three decades from now, somebody will likely be getting all warm and fuzzy about the days when you could see the Konks, the Dents, Andrea Gillis, Muck & the Mires, the Downbeat 5, the Coffin Lids, Bang Camaro, Ad Frank, Dirty Ticket, the World’s Greatest Sinners, Hooray for Earth, Temper, the Tampoffs, Red Invasion, and the Pug Uglies on a regular basis.” Chances are, Milano has heard every one of them.

Click here for more info.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.06.07

Moxie thirsting for a revival
SOURCE: Boston Globe

No bad rap here: Hub hip-hoppers feted
SOURCE: Boston Herald

From man bands to bull riding

Tweeter Center brawl a hit on YouTube

Hey, Ma, look what I made!
SOURCE: Weekly Dig

Friday, August 03, 2007

East Boston art exhibit is so 'Gay'

Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston opens its controversial artistic exploration of the public's perception of the LGBT community this weekend in an exhibit simply called "Gay."

Spearheaded by photographer Eric Hess, the collection challenges artists from the gallery to create works inspired by the sometimes liberating, oftentimes explosive word.

Presentations from the exhibit stretch from a queer riddle of the sphinx, to a lascivious M4M Craigslist montage to an actual closet that urges the viewer to stay huddled inside. Out of the 20 artists participating, only four are actually gay--which gives "the show a visionary twist and hetero vantage."

Despite living in a state that's predominately liberal, the exhibit's creator says his fellow artists have experienced subtle forms of homophobia during the pre-production of "Gay."

"One Boston cable show thought coverage of 'Gay' was not suitable to daytime programming simply from hearing the title," Hess tells Bay Windows.

"Another straight artist I have been working with is really learning a lot about how it feels to be gay ... one of the group members who is straight experienced homophobia simply getting the show card printed at Kinko’s. All of this in gay-marriage-friendly, liberal Massachusetts."

The public is invited to attend the opening reception 6-9 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 9 and to visit the gallery 2-6 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays until Aug. 29. Admission is free.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.03.07

Funny women rule at IFC

A good week for the devil
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

Treatment of DJ arrested by P'town police seen as endemic of town-wide problem
SOURCE: IN Newsweekly

Rewind 'Videotape' at Harvard Film Archive
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Mmm. Ice Cream. Mmm. Beer.
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Boston's Daily Dose_08.02.07

Popeye's fantastic cartoon roots

'Loser' becomes biggest success
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Homeless high schoolers inspire a plan
SOURCE: Boston Globe

Post fashion writer needs to get over Hillary's chest
SOURCE: Boston Phoenix

WGBH plugs in 'digital mural'
SOURCE: Boston Metro

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Celtic festival-goers say 'no' to crack

Folks in Webster, Mass. were shocked after an 82-year-old was caught on camera mooning the crowd during the Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival last weekend.

Dr. David McCracken (yes, that's his real name) is in trouble with police for showing what he was wearing under his kilt ... let's just say a few people thought the display was a real bummer.

He flashed the crowd to a mix of cheers and jeers. Many were surprised to see the elderly man let it all hang out--including his private parts.

The Scotsman's shocking display of Celtic pride could earn the rabble-rouser a steep fine.

While the retired veterinarian expressed flasher remorse, Loaded Gun gives McCracken two thumbs up for having balls … and not being afraid to show them.

Boston's Daily Dose_08.01.07

Lauryn Hill: Killing her softly
SOURCE: Boston Metro

'24' star Sutherland put himself on the line for DeLuca
SOURCE: Boston Herald

Sad vampire hunter perfect role for Burrows

Race, the final frontier
SOURCE: Boston Globe

MassEquality to reap proceeds from popular author Suzanne Brockmann's forthcoming novella
SOURCE: IN Newsweekly
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