Friday, December 21, 2007 hits Somerville

Here's a sample from, the wiki-based online urban guide I'm working on:

Hands down, Downtown Wine & Spirits boasts the best beer and wine selection in Somerville with over 11,000 brands in stock. You can taste brews from all over the world—from Alesmith to Drie Fonteinen to the Trappists.

The staff, who has an affinity for punk and lo-fi music ranging from the Pixies to Guided By Voices, is also knowledgeable in its hops and barley. Sign up for their e-mail list and get an invite to one of their festive wine tasting events held every Tuesday night.

And, for those die-hard drinkers looking for an open package store on Sunday, Downtown Wine & Spirits is one of the few Davis Square liquor stores open until 11 pm.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Author explores Katharine Hepburn's celluloid closet

The one thing author-historian William J. Mann learned from his exhaustive research digging up the skeletons in Katharine Hepburn’s illustrious closet is that it doesn’t make sense trying to pigeonhole the late, great film icon with modern labels of sexual and gender identity.

In fact, Hepburn’s male alter ego "Jimmy" probably would’ve scoffed at the idea.

"She saw the world as a man did in many ways," says Mann, phoning from the lecture halls of Yale in New Haven, Conn. "She felt more comfortable thinking of herself as ’Jimmy,’ who was her childhood alter ego. And she often used the male pronoun when she described herself."

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