Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogger slams Boston Globe coverage of Daniel Yakovleff murder

I have to agree with the analysis from Boston blogger Riggs In Boston regarding a hack job of a story about the Daniel Yakovleff murder in the Saturday edition of the Boston Globe.

Riggs writes, "Terrible writing. Terrible interviewing. Terrible stereotyping. Terrible job."

The blogger was upset with Maria Cramer's bizarre lead that negatively portrayed a QueerToday advocate.

Cramer writes, "Tall and reed thin, Mark Snyder speaks in a soft, delicate voice and uses mannerisms he describes as effeminate."

When I read the piece on Saturday, I cringed.

I couldn't believe that the Boston Globe actually published an article with such derogatory semantics. Cramer resorted to the "flamboyant" stereotype used by old-school journalists to slam a gay source or public figure. It's coded journalism at its worst.

Kudos to Riggs in Boston for taking a stand.


Mark D. Snyder said...


I am Mark Snyder, and I had some issues with the article as well.

My issue with the article has nothing to do with my portrayal as effeminate - which I am proud of, but rather the idea that I used to feel safe and now I do not due to Daniel's death. That sentiment is not true.

As I described in my hour-and-a-half long interview about LGBT rights, LGBT history, Police relations with our community, youth violence and homelessness, etc., the more queer people transgress society's gender norms the more vulnerable they are for harassment on the streets - which is common and under reported.

The way the article was framed around the death of Daniel felt odd to me.

I would feel terrible if people thought I was capitalizing on his death for publicity or to push an agenda - I thought my long interview was going to result in an informative peice about the struggles facing the lgbt community.

Instead the article was framed as "we are all scared now, and it could have been a hate crime."

I was on Dan's outer circle of friends, my roommate and smoe others were much closer to him. It has been a strange and troubling experience. My thoughts and prayers remain with the family.

Sam Baltrusis said...

Thanks Marc for the post.

riggs said...

Sam, thanks for the words and link. After Universal Hub linked, I saw my page #'s spike from the normal 25 friends around the world who read this guy's ramblings. Still wading through it all, but happy the arguing happened on UHub.

You seemed to get the gist though. Cringe, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why the Globe is tanking this story ... they barely mentioned Daniel's murder for ten days, misrepresented Mark's statements, dropped the ball on the defense attorney's private investigator, put the search for Steven Odegard in a local brief, and had nothing at all about the indictment and arraignment. Why?

Sam Baltrusis said...

My thoughts exactly.

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