Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bob Mould walks the 'Line'

When it comes to revisiting the painful war stories from his in-the-closet past including a messy band breakup with his Hüsker Dü cohort Grant Hart and a stint at a Minnesota farmhouse where he quit drugs and alcohol, alt-rock icon Bob Mould speaks with a candid sincerity.

"I was a confused, self-hating gay man during the Reagan years ... a lot of fun there," he says about the tumultuous early days with the ’80s hardcore act Hüsker Dü.

However, when asked if he has any lingering resentment about the infamous 1994 Spin magazine profile that outed the indie forefather against his will, Mould’s tone changes.

Click here for my interview with alt-rock icon Bob Mould.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam:

Explain what line he is walking is it the straight and narrow line., pause.,

Sam Baltrusis said...

It has several possible meanings. First, there's the overt reference to his new LP, "District Line." Also, there's the allusion to Johnny Cash's "Walk The Line." Subjectively, "the line" refers to the line people would walk if police suspected a person of being drunk. If you're able to walk then line, then you're not drunk ... hence sober. "The Line" could also refer to the linear progression of the journey of life. It also could mean the threshold between "love and hate," "light and dark," etc.

Anonymous said...

Deear Sam:

Yes the District Line, you are an amazing writer I wish you the best.,

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