Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gay guerrilla bar fare on Friday, March 7

We’re here. We’re queer. We want a beer.

In a social experiment that borders on old-school gay activism, Boston Guerrilla Queer Bar is planning to take over a Faneuil Hall watering hole this Friday, March 7. The trick is, the promoter doesn’t announce the shindig’s digs until the day of the party.

The guerrilla gay bar idea is a great concept: a group of GLBTs sign up for an e-mail list, the organizer chooses a traditionally straight establishment (like The Burren in Davis Square and The Liquor Store in the Theatre District).

On the first Friday of every month, the promoter alerts its list serve members last minute of the bar’s location (you know, so it won't prematurely freak out the hotspot's traditionally straight clientele) and they all gather en masse and descend on the bar like a flash mob.

The idea is to turn an unsuspecting straight bar into a gay bar for one night. Call it guerrilla bar fare.

The concept began in 2000 with a group in San Francisco. Guerrilla Queer Bar groups are now in cities scattered across the country, from Austin, Texas, to Atlanta, Seattle to Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. London and Heidelberg, Germany, also have their own Guerrilla posse.

Click here for the Boston Guerrilla Queer Bar lowdown.


Anonymous said...

Sam it looks like a wonderful night out, will you be there

Sam Baltrusis said...

Chances are good. I signed up for the e-mail alert. I don't drink, so I generally stay away from bars, but this sounds too good to pass up!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea!

Reminde me of a Homer Simpson quote: I like me TV loud, beers cold and homosexuals Flaming!

Enjoy the night!

Anonymous said...

Just got the invite. Hint: It's considered to be one of the oldest bars in the nation. Get ready to raise some bell ... I mean, hell.

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