Monday, March 31, 2008

Boston Haunt :: The Charlesgate Hotel

Here's a shot of the Charlesgate Hotel, Boston's version of NYC's The Dakota (location for the film "Rosemary's Baby" and the spot where John Lennon was murdered).

This creepy building is a hotbed of alleged paranormal activity since it was original built in 1891. Formerly a Boston University and Emerson dorm, the site is the source of a slew of reports from students (from the '70s to the mid-'90s) claiming the building is haunted.

I'm currently working on a book project called "Campus Haunts: School Spirits of the Northeast" where I'm exploring paranormal activity at a handful of college dorms/schools scattered throughout New England.

The writing project will cover everything from my old dorm room on the 4th Floor of Boston University's Shelton Hall (rumor is Eugene O'Neil and his wife Carlotta continue to haunt the Writer's Corridor) to the refurbished Charlesgate Hotel in the Back Bay.

The Charlesgate Hotel (coupled with The Barnes Mansion) is now an upscale condo building. Click here for details.


JoJo said...

I went to Emerson in the mid-80's but I didn't live at Charlesgate. I was inside it, however, many times and it was a beautiful old building. Some of the dorm rooms were absolutely gorgeous. I always heard the rumours that it was haunted.

I remember one "story" that was going around at the time. Supposedly a few yrs b/f I attended some students were doing a project about Charlesgate and tried to videotape in the basement but their equipment kept failing. What few images they did shoot had unknown anomalies on the tape and allegedly the school confiscated the tape and refused to allow any further research.

Sam Baltrusis said...

Thank you for the story. Actually, that would be a great find--if it still exists.

There's supposedly a "Charlesgate File" of paranormal accounts that was ordered under lock and key by Emerson administration.

JoJo, this is a great anecdote and if you have any more college-related ghost stories, I would love to chat!

Sam B

Anonymous said...

I lived on the 7th and 5th floor of Charlesgate in 1987/88 and nothing creepy happened to me at all. The RDs claimed ouija boards were not allowed. There was a story about a man in a black cape who haunted the old, unused elevator and of course, there were horse stables in the basement of the building which kids would love to wander throughand scare themselves silly.

Anonymous said...

anon- check out the beacon street emersons facebook page.... for emerson alum from the 80s!

Mark said...

Went to Emerson for grad school from 87 to 89. My friends lived on the sixth and the top floors. This was nicknamed the "suicide dorm" when it was part of Boston University's campus. I always felt creeped out in that place, and though we weren't allowed, we did play with a ouija board. It lead us to find a door hidden in a closet that lead to a small hidden space between walls. An old fireplace was in it, and a shoe from what looked like the middle of the 20th century. After that, one of our friends who was involved became very sick and started acting strangely. Pretty creepy.

Drew Stone said...

I lived in the Charlesgate the Second year Emerson had students in there. It was a creepy place to say the least. The word was that a stable boy was murdered in the basement in the 1800's. The stables were still down there as well as catacombs that stretched out in all directions. The Collage didn't want people in the basement and eventually declared it off limits.

contdogrol said...

I lived in Charlesgate in 1993-94 on the 3rd floor. I experienced many "creepy feelings" smelled the old colongne on the 4th floor but what really disturbed me was the night when I was alone in my room and thought my roommate must have been there because she had a dark cloak and someone in a dark cloak crossed my room and the door behind my head did not open. I turned around and no one was there. I had heard it was the spirit of a man whose child had died in the stairwell and he killed himself in remorse.It was rumored that he watched over the girls to protect us. I hid under my covers for some time but I did sleep that night so maybe he was positive. the medium boards were frequently used and there was some not so good energies which made us stop many times. i heard many rumors and spent a lot of my time rushing when I was alone.

Amy Neale said...

I lived in Charlesgate from 86-87 on the second floor, room 242 I think. From the first week or so, we heard a rhythmic knocking periodically throughout the day, it would always go on for the same length of time and end with the sound of something dropping or falling. It happened all year long. At one point we had friends go upstairs, down and on either side of our room when it was happening to check, they couldn’t hear anything outside of our room. A friend brought a psychic friend of theirs over one day. They said that it was a construction worker that had been hammering and had fallen. Not sure if it’s true, but it fits. We could come up with no other explanation.

One other story. A group of us went down to the stables one night. We didn’t know that some of the guys had rigged stuff to scare us, like guys hiding with masks that jumped out etc. It started feeling really creepy down there, and not because of the masks! A friend and I ran out. As we were running, the string of bare light bulbs over our heads started exploding one by one as we ran under them. The guys swore they didn’t do it, they looked spooked. And honestly, I don’t know how they could have rigged the light bulbs to explode like that. I’m a believer! (And never went into the stable area again!)

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