Monday, March 24, 2008

Brodeur named music editor at Boston Phoenix

Not much of a surprise here but Michael Brodeur, former editor of the Weekly Dig, will join the staff of the Boston Phoenix as the alt-weekly’s music editor on Monday, March 31.

Lance Gould, editor of the Boston Phoenix, believes Brodeur has the chops to take over the important alt-weekly post.

“Since Michael started writing for the Phoenix this past year, I have come to know him as someone who is tirelessly searching out new musical experiences, and someone who sees music as a vital place where pop culture defines itself," Gould says here.

Brodeur replaces Matt Ashare, the long-time music guru at the paper. According to the Phoenix’s phlog, the old-school hipster will continue to write the paper’s “Cellars By Starlight” column.


Entertainment Articles said...

Do you think Brodeur can beat Matt Ashare's works???


Sam Baltrusis said...

They are both extremely talented writers. However, great writers/reporters don't always make great editors. The current lineup of inexperienced editors at the Weekly Dig is a perfect example of this conundrum.

Based on personal experience, it's important to be in the field as much as possible when you're in a Music Editor role. It's also imperative for an alt-weekly to be ahead of the curve in regards to what's happening "out there" in the music world.

As far as if one can "beat" the other, I feel like Ashare's experience trumps Brodeur's innovative approach and fresher editorial voice.

However, what made the Phoenix innovative in the '90s has become a bit stale. And it makes perfect sense that Ashare resigned.

Brodeur has successfully proven his skills as writer. However, when he moved into the editor role at the Dig, things became problematic.

Whether Brodeur has the chops to be an editor who can nurture the talents of up-and-coming writers will, I'm sure, reveal itself over the next few months.

As a die-hard fan of the Phoenix, I'm excited to have a fresher editorial perspective.

Jeff said...

Any one who questions Michael is a tool... he's the real deal, he understands local music and if Lance is worth his weight is gould (get it?), he'll leave him alone to do his thing. I really do miss him and wish him the best.... DIG

Sam Baltrusis said...

Jeff, thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "tool," click on the Weekly Dig link on the Boston Media Links blogroll in the right widget of this blog.

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