Saturday, March 15, 2008

IN Newsweekly now New England Blade

After a year of scandal and behind-the-scenes drama, the Boston-based GLBT newspaper formerly known as IN Newsweekly is now the New England Blade.

Jake Spencer, once publisher of The Washington Blade, has joined the troubled publication as General Manager.

Spencer brings with him over 30 years of experience. "In this role, he will oversee all aspects of the publication’s operations," a HX Media press release states. "He recently relocated from Washington, DC to the Boston area."

While the paper has changed its name, it’s still the same lackluster publication it was with editor William Henderson at its helm. As mentioned in Loaded Gun in January, there was a series of editorial changes at the troubled publication.

Back in January ‘08, four longtime contributors to IN Newsweekly, including former editor Fred Kuhr, have either formally resigned or stopped contributing to the newspaper after the new publisher repeatedly failed to pay them in a timely manner and ignored concerns over its new editorial direction.

As a fan of both the Washington Blade and the New York Blade, I was hoping the name change would somehow resuscitate the sagging pub.

Unfortunately, the revamped IN Newsweekly turned New England Blade is DOA.

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