Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lament for Weekly Dig's Oh Cruel World!?

For the few and faithful who continue to read The Weekly Dig, there was no Oh Cruel World! in the latest issue.

The pub's now managing editor, Laura Dargus, says she's grown weary of the alt-weekly's hilarious passive-aggressive rant:

"As an admittedly extreme avoider of confrontation, I have from time to time grown weary with Oh Cruel World! It's not the column's fault, but more my own, as it is often a reflection of my tendency toward inaction," she writes.

Is this the end of Oh Cruel World!? I hope not. With the usual dead-on Media Farm missing the mark the past few months, the snarky front-of-the-book column was one of the few things left that inspired me to actually pick up the publication.

After a revolving door of staffers in '07, publisher-turned-editor Jeff Lawrence warned readers to expect a few changes at the Dig. Hopefully, cutting the FOB must-read isn't one of them.


andy said...

it's been moved to the last page.

Anonymous said...

It's buried in the muck in the back? Great.

Sam Baltrusis said...

OK, I made a mistake. Sorry folks.

The Weekly Dig’s passive-aggressive FOB "Oh, Cruel World!" rant is now buried in the back beneath the crossword puzzle and "Exit Poll." Stuck on the last page in a quarter-square space smaller than the typical Dig ad, it’s officially now the pub’s bastard step column.

Why wasn’t I inspired to read to the back of the alt-weekly? I guess I was turned off by the proliferation of advertorial like the "Dept. of Commerce" and the educational supplement on acupuncture school. And the music and A&E coverage has become so arcane I tune it out.

While my fingers are crossed that the Weekly Dig will return to its former must-read glory, I’m not holding my breath. Without the checks and balances of a qualified editor, the publisher will always want to turn it into a cash cow.

La La said...

Laura here,

My quote here is taken a bit out of context as I was REFERRING readers via our blog to another site that features the same type of content so they can get their daily fix. The column has never skipped a week and will continue to run in its new BOB slot.

Sam Baltrusis said...

Sam here.

Thanks Laura. I did comment later that the column was moved to the back of the Dig.

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