Thursday, March 06, 2008

New site slams Provincetown as a place for hate

Folks upset over the string of anti-gay incidents in Provincetown have launched a site inspiring the community to contact Martha Coakley, attorney general, as well as news organizations.

Click here for the link.

The page also shines a light on the string of incidents that I coined "Provincetown's Summer of Hate." Here's their laundry list:

*Many other incidents have occured during the past year including Richard Hall--beaten and left unconscious by thugs who called him 'faggot.' Although he had all his valuables, the Provincetown Police did not look for perpetrators nor classify it as a hate crime. The Attorney General's office ended up paying his medical bills to cover Provincetown's failures.

*Bryan Richardson, held under an illegal protective custody and injured in jail while Provincetown Police did nothing to help him. He soiled his pants while lying on the jail floor for hours, unable to move from a back spasm.

*Daniel Coburn had rocks thrown at him and was called 'faggot.' When reported to the P-town Police, they arrested him for an outstanding vehicle ticket. They later said the use of 'faggot' was protected under free speech. Oddly enough, although Barry Scott did not say 'we hate the police'--that was NOT protected as free speech in Provincetown.

*Artist David Jones, beaten by the cops, pled to a criminal charge so he wouldn't have to face huge legal bills and an unrelenting police department. He says he did nothing wrong.

*Another man had a bike thrown at him at the AIDS ride; still another was taken off the street and held until morning without charges in the P-town jail...his friends thought he had disappeared.

The site links to my four-part series called "Provincetown's Summer of Hate."

Click here to start from the beginning.

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