Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Povo.com launches, EDGE gets a facelift

It’s been a monster of a freelance project, but I’m happy to announce that Povo.com--a new wiki-based online urban community that I’ve been working on for the past few months--is on the verge of launching.

For the Boston-based online guide, my turf includes Somerville, Allston/Brighton and Downtown (including the Theatre and Financial Districts and Chinatown).

If Wikipedia and YELP had a tech-savvy love child it would be POVO.com.

While the backend technology fueling this project is extremely exciting, the new, intuitive front-end design rocks my world. All of the content is generated and entirely editable by locals in the know. So, be the first kid on the block to add your favorite restaurant or after-work haunt.

This project has been an adventure from the beginning. I’ve discovered hidden gems and under-explored neighborhoods from Somerville’s Union Square to Allston/Brighton to sections of town that shouldn’t be approached on foot. In fact, I made a trek yesterday to get this shot and this one—and was nearly hit by a car.

After all is said and done, I’m extremely happy with Povo.com. The site officially launches Monday, March 24.

Also, my home publication, EDGEBoston.com, recently underwent a facelift. Our fearless publisher, David Foucher, deserves major props for the revamp. He really listened to EDGE’s staff and readers and created a new site that’s not only functional, but a lot of fun to explore.

My regional territory includes Boston, Providence and Provincetown within the ever-growing network of EDGE's national GLBT portals.

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