Monday, April 14, 2008

BostonNOW says bye-bye

According to the Associated Press, the daily rag known as BostonNOW announced its immediate shutdown today after a year of competition with papers like the Boston Metro and long-time stalwarts like the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.

BostonNOW had 52 full-time and 100 part-time staffers now out of work.

Like many Boston-based writers, I contributed to BostonNOW for awhile. However, after not receiving checks for my freelance work and the editor accusing me of holding an article "hostage," I wrote a scathing "no pay, no way" letter to the special sections editor predicting the downfall of the free, five-day-a-week newspaper:

I am livid about how you handled this situation. Not even a phone call. It shows your inexperience. After weeks of positive feedback, you terminate our agreement claiming I was holding the article for hostage.

Can you say "DRAMA!" Plain and simple, I asked for my check.

There was nothing malicious or unprofessional about my request.

The local press, and the public I've interacted with, considers BostonNOW to be a boil on what was once a city with superior journalistic standards. Based on the topics you've assigned me in the past coupled with the drivel the paper's "staff" puts out, I'll give you guys less than a year before the paper folds.

Shame on you!

--E-mail sent Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007


Dunley said...

Good for you. Sometimes you gotta put your foot down.

JacquelineC said...

Oh yea. Been there. "Content is King" how'd you like to be paid with the joy of seeing your name in print. NOT!

Doesn't it kill you that silly cats got a book deal? Does me, but maybe I'm just bitter...

The LD Gourmet

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