Thursday, April 03, 2008

GQB takes over Lansdowne’s Tequila Rain

Yes, the whole Guerrilla Queer Bar phenomenon has officially been accepted by the mainstream.

Today’s Boston Globe features GQB on the front page of their style section.

Because of the max-capacity crowds at their last event at Faneuil Hall’s Bell in Hand, organizers Daniel and Josh have opted for the larger Tequila Rain venue for their Friday, April 4 straight bar takeover.

Tequila Rain, known for its drunken Spring Break revelry 52 weeks a year, has some odd dress code rules that solidifies its straight-bar rep, including no sneakers after 8 p.m. and a ban on sleeveless T-shirts.

Click here for the Boston Guerrilla Queer Bar lowdown.

UPDATE: Jillian's, next to Tequila Rain, is being designated as the official-unofficial second takeover spot for the evening in case of max-capacity crowds.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fuck Tequila Rain - didn't let me in for the GQB with my German passport - said only American passport or driver licence accepted! That's bullshit! Shame on you!

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