Saturday, May 17, 2008

MassResistance claims Youth Pride turned violent

The following "news" feature here from American Family Association claims that MassResistance photographer, Brian Camenker, was bullied at a scene that turned "violent" at last weekend's Youth Pride when the kids realized he was with the vitriolic anti-gay group.

The propaganda piece called "Youngsters attend Boston homosexual pride event" says the crowd started screaming at MassResistance, blocked their cameras and assaulted them (although they don't give specifics).

"They claimed that by our taking pictures and by putting them on our Web site that we were hurting the kids because their parents didn't know that they were there and they would be 'outed,'" Camenker tells OneNewsNow.

Reporter Scott Kearnan explored the unsavory MassResistance tactic in a piece I edited for EDGE Boston here.

Kearnan writes that MassResistance has gone so far as to take photographs of attending youth, many of whom may not be out to all friends and family members and post them on the MassResistance Web site.

"They harass them, take pictures and put them on their Web site," says one Youth Pride organizer. "They don’t seem to respect anybody, but I would think there would at least be a higher respect for youth."

My thoughts? It upsets me that MassResistance goes after the youngsters who already have to deal with coming to terms with their orientation, coming out to their parents and harassment at school.

If you must, go after the adults who are able to engage in debate and leave the kids alone.

Click here for the article in EDGE Boston.


Steve said...

How about we go after the real problem - the organizers and enablers for such an event that will transport under-aged children to an environment that encourages behaviour that their parents would not approve of, without the parents' knowledge or consent?

Leave the kids alone?!?! Not if we love them. How about we let the parents do the parenting, instead of the state and worse?

Sam Baltrusis said...

Thanks for your input.

While I completely disagree with your "gays are recruiting teens" mentality, I do respect your right to comment.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure that both the NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) members and their under age lovers don't want the pictures "outing them", which could lead to more than the embarrassment of parents finding out, but to the possibility of investigation and possible prosecution of pedophile activity which they most certainly try to keep secret from the kids' parents. Age of consent laws are to protect minors. Until they reach that age their parents or guardians have that responsibility. Something that should not be thwarted by those with interests that conflict with that responsibility, and in many cases flaunt the very law itself.

Sam Baltrusis said...

Thanks Jim for your Anita Bryant-esque commentary. Although, I'm confused why you're comparing Youth Pride to NAMBLA.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the truth of the matter. Mass Resistance should really find a more productive hobby and stop harassing youth. =) Have a nice day. -J

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