Saturday, May 10, 2008

Provincetown Hotspot :: Revere Guest House

I’m in Provincetown this weekend interviewing potential writers for as well as generating story ideas for the portal.

For the weekend, I’m staying in this amazing B&B in the heart of Ptown called the Revere House and I must say, I’m smitten with this place.

Innkeeper Gary A. Palochko gave me a walkthrough of this beautifully restored colonial house located on Court between Commercial and Bradford Streets.

Last night, my friend and I hung out in front of the fireplace in the newly renovated common area in the back and really enjoyed how much thought was put into the interior design and layout of the common space.

Each room has its own special ambience: including room 2 with two beds and a fireplace, room 1 with a working kitchen, separate living room and rooms 7 & 8 with access to the roof deck, whirlpool baths and killer views of Ptown.

Click here for the lowdown. Also, take a virtual tour of Revere House here.

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