Friday, May 23, 2008

Ptown’s Vixen Unveils Summer Comedy Showcase

When it comes to representation of female comics in the male-dominated stand-up comedy industry, Bill Colombo says he’s seen it all.

"I’m still stunned that funny women are a minority at most of the major clubs throughout the country," he says, sitting on a bench outside of the Purple Feather, a stone’s throw away from his new gig at Vixen Nightclub.

After working in the business on the West Coast for 25 years, Colombo believes that the women of comedy offer an important point of view that’s often overlooked by the mainstream.

"I find most women comics have tremendous cross-over potential, whether it’s straight culture or the gay and lesbian community, it doesn’t matter," Colombo emotes. "It’s their point of view that’s so strong, and so singular at the same time, that anyone can identify with what they’re talking about."

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