Sunday, June 22, 2008

Public sex crackdown in Provincetown

There was an interesting article in the Sunday edition of the UK's Independent here.

Apparently, the Brits are aghast about reports of a "growing number of gay orgies taking place on its famed sand dunes" in the National Seashore preserve around Provincetown and nearby Truro. The article, written by the paper’s Los Angeles-based reporter, claims that 132 men have been prosecuted for lewd behavior on Cape Cod last summer.

Talk about a news flash.

The piece called "Cape Cod no place for Puritans," which describes in detail some of the alleged "hanky-panky," gives anecdotes about innocent families stumbling on these group scenes that reportedly involve up to 30.

From my perspective, the way the writer describes the sex acts rattles off less like an actual news feature and more like soft-core porn.

Jeff Jaran, Provincetown’s new police chief, tells the reporter he’s putting his foot down on the supposed new trend of outdoor public sex acts.

"It's not acceptable, decent, moral behavior," Jaran tells the British paper. "There are places to go and do those types of things."

According to the piece here, Jaran has employed 13 officers to fine offenders and is handing out awareness leaflets to local bar and hotel owners.

Mary Ann Bragg at The Cape Cod Times initially broke the news here in a more objective, less sensational way.

I'm heading to Ptown next weekend to, um, investigate.


Anonymous said...

Its bullshit. The NJ family and the whale watching boat were trumped up by the new homophobic police chief. No family from NJ was ever there, and no one on a whale watching boat could tell a tree from ahuman at the distance they travel. The new chief needs to remember which taxpayers pay his salary before he paints too broadly with his brush.

SpartacusXL said...

is it only the homos paying those taxes for the chief's salary? better yet, are the homos local? I strongly doubt it- Greenwich Village is not too far from Cape Cod...

Anonymous said...

what about the other 130 citations?????????????

This is a direct result of gay marriage in Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

@ SpartacusXL: What a stupid group of questions. YES, it is the "homo" majority that pays the chief's salary, and that will force his hetero ass to leave town if he ever once fails to conform to local cultural standards, and YES the "homos" are local. Heteros are considered a minority here.. approximately 1 in 10.. and, unless they fully assimilate, are little welcome. Most of their kind are urine stenched, nigger brained pig filth, and those who live in this part of the world do so to be rid of them. The NJ family and their little piglets had no business traveling past Truro. They are not welcome here. They should holiday in Hyannis where trash is celebrated.

@Anonymous: Idiot. Provincetown has been Provincetown since long before Stonewall. If anything, gay marriage would result in an increasingly sterilized Provincetown, which it has.

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