Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another film shoot on South Street

"Four Single Fathers" Update: After doing some research, it looks like the movie is "Four Single Fathers," an indie film by director Paolo Monico. The feature-length movie follows four Italian single fathers trying to deal with their American ex-wives. The film is set in NYC and Rome (the yellow cab on the street would back up the Manhattan storyline).

I'm a sucker for foreign indie flicks, so any negative NIMBY thoughts I had earlier today is water under the bridge.

Morning Rant: There's another film shoot today on the corner of Kneeland and South Street in the Leather District. After last week's problematic run-in with the crew of the sci-fi Disney flick “The Surrogates” starring Bruce Willis, I thought the drama was over.

Not exactly.

This morning, a crew is set up in a similarly inconvenient spot on South Street. Because of the recent reports surrounding the currently-in-production Mel Gibson film “Edge of Darkness,” I automatically expected the belligerent Aussie to poke his head out of the NYC-style yellow taxi cab propped on the corner.

Unfortunately, no Gibson today.

The yellow filming placard reads “SF” and I quickly learned that the shoot is for an Italian film that will air on TV.

Cinema paradiso? Not quite.

Similar to “The Surrogates” production assistants, this crew is equally abrasive and I had an unsavory run-in with one of their wannabe PAs. Words of advice to location scouts: If you want a closed set without pedestrians moving in and out of frame, try shooting on the weekends when this street is literally a ghost town.

My question: Are there any limitations to the 25 percent film tax credit rebate that's luring all of these filmmakers to Massachusetts?

Should we expect film crews from all over the world literally taking over the streets to benefit from Gov. Deval Patrick's momentary lapse of reason when he removed the $7 million limit on the tax and increased the credit from 20 percent to 25 percent?

Based on today's shoot, absolutely.

UPDATE: As of 12:45 p.m., the crew is in full production mode. There's a female actress, dressed in only black lingerie (Victoria Secret-style bra and panties), running in and out of the entrance to 210 South Street.

UPDATE 2: I just received an e-mail from an anonymous reader in Quincy. "PAs get enough greif (sic) on-set, without wannabe bloggers trying to get in on the action."

For the record, I didn't want to "get in on the action." The action parked itself right in front of my office and prohibited me from getting back to my job. Just because a film crew hires a PA for one day and gives them a walkie-talkie doesn't give them the right to set up a velvet rope in the middle of the street.

Trust me, I know all about the grief PAs experience on set.

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