Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DJ Barry Scott decides to appeal charges

What started off as a celebratory evening of music at a backyard birthday party in Provincetown has transformed into an ongoing hell for DJ Barry Scott. In an oddly quick deliberation, the Orleans District Court found the openly gay radio personality guilty on three charges on July 23, 2008.

Scott tells Loaded Gun he will appeal the decision.

"After weeks of consideration, I’ve decided to appeal the charges brought by the Provincetown Police and D.A. Michael O’Keefe to hide police brutality," Scott says. "Although there are many good cops, enabling the Provincetown Police to injure me, lie on official reports and in a court of law ... makes them no better than criminals."

The popular Boston-based radio DJ was found guilty of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace after he was left bloodied and bruised by a crew of summer cops hired by the Provincetown Police Department on July 14, 2007.

"The police assaulted me within one minute of meeting me the first time that night, while complying immediately with their demand to shut the party down," he revealed to me in an exclusive statement.

Gary Pelletier and Brad Bailey of Denner-Pellegrino will represent the Boston-based radio personality.

Here's my initial story on Scott in EDGE.

UPDATE: In a posting labeled "Ptown DJ to fight DA," CapeCodToday.com erroneously linked to my blog presenting it as DJ Barry Scott's page.

Sorry folks! Here's the correct link.


Anonymous said...

One wonders how a DJ has such unlimited funds to continue protesting what a jury of his peers found him gulity. As a gay man and a law enforecment official I have seen this type of "the cops are all wrong and I never did anything" many times.I am so sick of hearing the Cops screwed up so people can coverup their own screwups.

Anonymous said...

fight the power Barry!

Anonymous said...

Barry Scott is a little man with a big ego. He can not accept the fact that he (and his boyfriend) acted inappropriately and now wants others to take responsibility for the outcome. Barry Scott was found guilty and it would better serve the community if he accepted the verdict and move on. He can appeal the charges but the end results will be the same...GUILTY!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of you would have the balls to take on the police and a corrupt system like Barry Scott, my hero, is doing.

For $600 in misdemeanor charges he is fighting to do the correct thing for thousands of dollars.

Provincetown has spent even more, hundreds of thousands, fighting him.

Luckily, he has friends and is raising money through a series of benefits. see his web site at www.lost45.com for info.

Keep doing what's right Barry!

Ron Cunningham of Cola., S.C. said...

After looking over the statements of witnesses to the events,as well as Mr.Scott's,it is my oppinion that there were many factors which influenced the end results that place responsibility on both sides of this issue. While it seems the officers,in my oppinion,had become frustrated with having to respond multiple times,and thus may have been too aggressive and over-reacted to the statements Mr. Scott made to the guests. But at the same time this may have been completely avoidable had Mr. Scott shown the officers the respect that is due to law enforcement, even if we don't agree with the actions they must take to keep the laws and statutes from being broken or abused. It seems that it was a "perfect storm" of events which led to an unfortunate and unplesant end that all parties have some measure of responsibility to own up to,so that this can be resolved and the courts time and legal resorces that are needed for more important issues are no longer being wasted on petty ego preservation attempts. Be the better man,and the voice of reason in a situation ripe with childish finger pointing and denial,and pay the fines so that you and everyone involved can stop wasting what time you have to live life possitivley,and with dignity, before it slips through your fingers and you wonder... was it worth it?

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