Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow up to Six Flags New England controversy

I just received two heated e-mails from the director of sales at Six Flags New England, Keith Hermann and another from ad sales maverick Bill Berggren ... yes, this guy... who claim that there's some sour grapes from promoter Gary Turner.

Hell hath no fury like a gay man scorned.

Hermann writes, "Six Flags in no way 'hijacked' this event and in fact Mr. Turner has known about this change since the beginning of the year and in fact had been supporting the event and promoting it on for most of the year."

The Six Flags New England rep continues, "We fully intended to include Mr. Turner again this year, but there was a lapse in contacting him due to him changing his e-mail from aol to yahoo without us knowing."

Hermann echoes Berggren's gripe that Turner didn't pay for the advertising that ran in the former IN Newsweekly.

"For the record, Six Flags has provided all of the advertising and entertainment for this event for the past several years. The decision to take this event private was made last fall as the operating schedule for the park was set and Mr. Turner was well aware and as you can see from his website was very much in support.

Since then, for some reason, his feelings were hurt and he chose to go on the attack of the event and spread completely false information."

My response?

Thanks for pointing out my credentials. For the record, it was a blog post and not a story and based on your credentials you should know the difference.

Blogs are more opinion based. My pieces in mainstream pubs are journalistic endeavors. My blog is subjective.

With that said, it still seems sketchy to me. The blog post on Loaded Gun was fueled by e-mails sent to me by my readers--who happen to be a part of the Boston-area GLBT community and regulars to the annual Six Flags "Out in the Park" celebration.

Members within the GLBT (myself and my group of close friends, for example) were initially confused that there are two "gay days" at Six Flags and I wanted to point out the contradiction.

Click here for the lowdown.

(Note: The image at the top of this blog posting is a screenshot from happier times back when supported the Sept. 20 private party).


Anonymous said...

The fact that Six Flags New Englnd purchsed the URL in July 2008 contradicts what Hermann writes. said...

Thanks for sharing Sam, love your blog. It seems like this "issue" has come up before. It is sad that a simple community event can't go off without some type of controversy.

Something stinks!

Dave, WGB

Sam Baltrusis said...

Thanks Dave. Love WGB as well. I agree about the controversy. Why can't we all just get along? ;>

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