Monday, October 06, 2008

Boston-area students study abroad in Tinseltown

Forget study abroad programs in London, Paris and Sydney. A growing number of Boston-area college students looking for jobs in the entertainment industry are making the trek to the Left Coast.

The Los Angeles Times reports on the trend of East Coast schools sending their students over to the Los Angeles area and enrolling them into apprenticeships in TV, movies, music and advertising.

Boston University and Emerson are leading the pack. In fact, BU has 67 students enrolled in the program this fall.

Emerson, a trailblazer in the L.A. study abroad program, recently forked over $12 million in April for a parking lot in Hollywood which they plan to transform into dorms, classrooms and production facilities.

Emerson's Evan Kaufman, a writing major originally from Connecticut, says the study-abroad semester in L.A. is a good way to "dip your top in the water."

While Kaufman acknowledges that Boston is becoming a newfound hub for indie filmmakers, he adds: "But if you want to write the next 'Iron Man,' you have to be here," he continues. "There's really no two ways about it. And I think a lot of kids have that fantasy of coming out here and making it big."

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