Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Edge of Darkness' crews return to golf course

Returning to the scene of the crime where Robert De Niro literally dropped the ball at the Gannon Municipal Golf Course in Lynn before leaving the made-in-Boston film over "creative differences," the "Edge of Darkness" crew is currently filming today with British powerhouse Ray Winstone.

De Niro had signed to play an operative sent to clean up the evidence in the murder of a young female activist. Mel Gibson stars as the victim's father, a homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept. who digs up the many secrets surrounding her death.

Winstone, who was featured in "The Departed" as Mr. French and was last seen in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," has quietly replaced De Niro after he was last seen shooting a problematic scene at the golf course's 15th hole in early September.

Meanwhile, exterior filming is slotted for South Station (Atlantic Avenue) on Thursday, Oct. 16 and Friday, Oct. 17. There will be additional shooting at Carlton Wharf in East Boston on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

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RN1986 said...

Thanks again for the info. I received an email today for Thursday shoot from ProAgency Boston Casting so maybe Boston or are they still shooting at the golf course on Thursday? I have the day free and hope to be called. I'm so thankful there is someone like you who gives us the 'scoop'. Thanks again

Sam Baltrusis said...

That's great news! If it's Thursday, I bet it's for the shot at South Station. Good job.

rn1986 said...

Well, they never called me for Thursday shoot and, I checked the website just now and viewed all the call info. Could I have just gone without the phone call? I went to "Opportunity Knocks" and they seemed so disorganized and just took anyone who was there even though they weren't signed up. I had signed up because I am with AgencyPro. What do you think?

Sam Baltrusis said...

The casting call on Thursday at 5:30 a.m. attracted hundreds of people at the South Station shoot (http://www.loadedgunboston.com/2008/10/boston-casting-searching-for-eod-extras.html) dressed and ready to participate. I probably would have recommended showing up at the casting call on Thursday. But, yes, I would suggest giving other agencies a shot. Keep at it!

Sam Baltrusis said...

When it comes to landing roles in all of made-in-Boston, the best advice comes from teen actress Jordan Schechter in a Loaded Gun interview after landing a role in "The Women."

Schechter's advice to other up-and-coming actors?

"Keep trying and don't ever give up on your dream," she emotes. "Persistence is really important. Also to not take rejection personally and don't get discouraged by it."


RN1986 said...

HI Sam,

Thanks for everything. Next time I get something and they say "We will call you if chosen"; I sure will go anyway. Have you ever heard of Talenthunter as I am on the site but not a memberwhich prevents me from replying to casting directors or agencies. I keep getting emails from a casting agent Kristina with THCS for a new Dreamworks movie with Eddie Murphy set in Boston. But, I don't want to pay the $$ or take a chance on hackers as I was hacked into which I believe was related to the other one called Exploretalent.com. I am no longer with Explore and canceled it. Also, some in the industry in Boston advised me against these type of organizations. I wanted to see what you thought. Thanks for your input.

Sam Baltrusis said...

I hear CP Casting is great. However, they cast more for speaking roles and not extra work. The others? I'm not sure. From what I'm told, a majority of the extra work comes through Boston Casting, so I would stick with them if were in your shoes. Anyway, good luck!

latricia said...

i got your response to my page on talenthunters i was interested but you have to be gold member which means paying customer contact me back through my personal email latriciatree@sbc.net if you have any more openings

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