Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Edge of Darkness' revisits Roslindale controversy

"Edge of Darkness" is filming at 68 Bradfield in Roslindale from Tuesday, Oct 21 until Friday, Oct. 24.

Remember the drama that first hit the news in July fueled by a blog post on myDedham.org from Roslindale resident Brian Keaney?

His aunt and uncle were reportedly thrilled by the idea of having their building appear in "Edge of Darkness" ... until they found out the movie stars Mel Gibson.

Here's a portion of the rant via Universal Hub:

"They wanted to pay (my uncle) to use the front porch for lighting or something, but Mel Gibson is involved and so my Jewish aunt nixed that. ... My uncle told the movie people exactly why he wasn't allowing them, but they are still trying. The tenants are upset, too, because they were going to get paid as well. I guess in the movie Mel Gibson's daughter is going to be shot on the front porch across the street."

Back in July, Keaney says his aunt and uncle initially denied the filmmaker's permission to shoot because they were upset over the anti-Semitic remarks Gibson reportedly made during his 2006 DUI arrest in California.

"I think the filmmakers might come to my uncle and aunt later and see if this has blown over," Keaney tells the Globe on July 21. "But the answer's going to be the same."

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

UPDATE: Click here for on-the-set photos from the Roslindale shoot.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, please. A couple of weeks ago this woman who works with me was squawking in a staff meeting about the movie being filmed in Roslindale, where most of us work. I mentioned that my husband was working on that movie, and she got all pissy and said something like, "Mel Gibson doesn't like my tribe", or something ridiculous like that. She needs to get over it. I'm sure Mel wasn't talking about HER when he said what he said. Please.

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