Friday, October 10, 2008

Mel Gibson at the Hampshire County Courthouse

Here's a video clip of Mel Gibson shooting a scene for "Edge of Darkness" on the steps of the Hampshire County Courthouse in Northampton.

Currently finishing filming at nearby Mount Sugarloaf in South Deerfield today, the movie is slotted to wrap in the area tomorrow. Next stop, Boston?

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Anonymous said...


I just found this website. I have been wondering how to find out where the "Edge" is filming next. I am waiting for Boston Casting to call me for extra work but nothing so far. Do you know if any of the hospital/medical scenes have shot yet? That is what I'm supposed to do for them...I sure am praying it will happen. Would love to get anything in the movie. Thanks for this site.

Sam Baltrusis said...

Hey there! I know they shot a scene at the Malden Hospital on Sept. 26. Not sure if that's the scene you're talking about. I do know they're filming until Thanksgiving so they'll be in the area for a few more weeks--and possibly doing pick-ups to add to the primary footage they've already shot. Thanks for checking out my site!

Anonymous said...

Well, Thank you for the info. I guess they decided not to use me. I was told that the Director had my resume/headshot when I went to the open casting call. They treated me like they knew me. Just a gimmick I guess. I should have known because Montel Williams show did the same to me many years ago. Show biz people....Oh well, maybe they will do a pick up, as you commented. Do you know if they will be in Lynn? I was told they would be. I went down to watch "The Surrogate" a few times over the summer. Please keep in touch. I think the whole "Hollywood East" thing is very cool. I'm looking to do extra work as I have tons of time right now. But, that won't last long. Thanks for keeping us updated. Nurse/Actor

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