Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mel Gibson blocks traffic outside of South Station

The "Edge of Darkness" scene shot on Atlantic Ave. outside of South Station was literally a stone's throw from my day job on South Street in the Leather District.

After hundreds of extras and gawkers surrounded the exterior of South Station in the wee hours of Thursday, Oct. 16, Gibson finally pulled up in a black SUV at around 10 a.m. The scene? Gibson frantically feeds the parking meter on Atlantic Ave. and then darts across the street toward South Station.

For those of you who know this block, this is a heavily trafficked part of town especially during the weekday commute. While crews had the area controlled and literally directed spectators to a spot in front of the Federal Reserve building, they didn't have the authority to stop traffic.

So drivers were passing by while Gibson was frantically crossing the street. Talk about a gawker blocker. It must have been such a surreal sight to see Mad Max making a mad dash toward South Station while they were en route to work.

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