Monday, October 20, 2008

Mel Gibson hosts mid-wrap party at Coogan's Bluff

Several Loaded Gun spies confirm that Mel Gibson hosted a huge mid-wrap party on Saturday, Oct. 18 at Coogan's Bluff, a traditional Irish pub/restaurant at 160 Milk St. in the Financial District.

Also, one tipster believes they've spotted the "Edge of Darkness" actor today (Monday, Oct. 20) on New Street in East Boston.

"[He's] outside my office on New Street in East Boston," the tipster writes. "Smokes a lot!"

A source on IMDB confirms the East Boston sighting: "They're shooting at the [Carlton] Wharf again today. Take the Blue Line in Boston to Maverick, you can't miss them."

Next stop? They're filming at 68 Bradfield in Roslindale from Tuesday, Oct 21 until Friday, Oct. 24.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

like to know what brand Mr Gibson is smoking latly

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