Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Omni Parker House embraces its haunted past

As a Boston-haunt junkie who has been working on a collection of ghost stories called "Campus Haunts: School Spirits of the Northeast," I've always been amazed when local hotels, theatres and colleges avoid the idea that their establishment could possibly be a hotspot of paranormal activity.

One B&B owner I chatted with over the weekend says ghosts "scare customers away." Go figure.

The recently refurbished Omni Parker House, apparently the most haunted hotel in New England since opening its doors in October of 1855, has seemed to tiptoe around its supernatural history. However, I smiled when I noticed last week that the marketing crew started pushing its "exclusive haunted travel" package via the Google adwords text box on my blog under the headline "Haunted Boston Hotel."

The deep-link section here explores the various sightings of the misty apparition of the hotel's founder, Harvey Parker, who has reportedly been seen roaming the 10th floor annex. While they mention the close encounter of the Parker kind, they do stress that he hasn't been around lately. The last sighting was apparently two decades ago.

However, there's a slew of other stories:

* Elevators are always called to the third floor (the floor Charles Dickens occupied) without a button being pushed or a guest waiting for the elevator.

* In a room on the 10th floor, guests have reported the sound of a rocking chair that kept them up all night. There are no rocking chairs in the hotel.

* Bellmen have reported bright “orbs” of light floating down the corridor on the 10th floor then disappearing.

Click here for the Omni Parker House's spirited backstory.


Tim Shields - Des Moines said...

I have been staying at the Omni Parker House for the past few days and find it to be a very comfortable stay. I haven't seen Mr Parker on the 10th floor(where I am staying) however I have heard what sounds to be a rocking chair in my room in the middle of the night. It seems to be coming from near the window. At first I suspected it was a bird scratching outside my window - however - when I looked outside - no bird - and birds don't usually fly at night. My room looks over an old historic cememtary and a statue of Benjamin Franklin in the courtyard of the Old City Hall. I have to say that I am not a big believer in ghosts - but this is unusual. The hotel staff here at the Omni Parker House have been as gracious and helpful as anyone could ask. I'm not waving anyones flag here but I sincerely say that this is the best hotel I have ever stayed. I have traveled all over the US, Canada, and China at Luxury Hotels, and they don't have anything on these Bostonites.

Anonymous said...

me and my little cousin were on the way to our 14th floor room in the elevator..other people got in pushed buttons 5 and 7 and the doors closed...mysteriously we stopped at floor 3 without any button being pushed or being lit and when we looked out nobody was there...and then we read this page...thought we would leave our little mysteries to you guys! LOVE THIS HOTEL!

Anonymous said...

Room 303 was said to have been converted onto a closet after guest and staff reported the smell of cigar smoke well in fact room 303 is not a closet but still a room available to guests

Anonymous said...

I have been looking into the Parker Hotel and I normally don't believe in ghosts but... i have made a list and there was at least seventeen ghost sightings or paranormal activity there. This is the one time that I actually believe in ghosts. The creepiest thing that I found out was probably the stuff about the room 303. I mean imagine waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and after you turn off your sink and go to your bed your sink turns back on and you are the only one in that room. Creepy. Or what if you where coming into you room and you heard dominated laughter but when you open the door there is no one in the room but the laughter just keeps going. I am shuttering just thinking about it. I told my friend about the sink and the laughter and she cried. She was so scared. if you have any other sightings than please tell me I need some help on a report about the Parker Hotel haunting.

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