Thursday, October 23, 2008

Roslindale home turned into 'EOD' crime scene

Confirming my post on Tuesday, the Roslindale Transcript reports today that crews from the made-in-Boston film "Edge of Darkness" are filming scenes at a residence located at 68 Bradfield Ave. in Roslindale this week.

Jean Hutchinson, the home's owner, says a replica of her house was crafted in a local studio to facilitate a majority of the interior footage. However, crews are shooting key exterior shots outside of the brown Roslindale two-story dwelling including a scene involving a fleet of Boston Police vehicles.

Loaded Gun spies say the home is, in essence, the crime scene where Mel Gibson's activist daughter is found murdered and is reportedly shot to death on the front porch. Gibson stars as the victim's father Thomas Craven, a homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept. who digs up the many secrets surrounding her death.

According to the Transcript, Hutchinson will likely land a small role in the made-in-Boston film.

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."


Rhea said...

I have a friend who lives within sight of the house in question. She is from L.A. and IS accustomed to film crews, but she says this project is driving her nuts. All the cast and crew cars are taking up the parking spots and traffic is often rerouted. She can't wait until they leave!

Anonymous said...

I could see the flood lights coming from Bradfield really late last night. The whole area is congested and has become an inconvenience to many people who live in the area. While I think it's great that Jean's home will be featured in the movie, I'm not thrilled that the film crews have taken over an entire neighborhood.

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