Sunday, October 12, 2008

'What Doesn't Kill You' clip showcases Southie

The real-life crime drama "What Doesn't Kill You," originally titled "Real Men Cry," is set in Boston and stars Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo as childhood friends "who grew up in an Irish-Catholic neighborhood where small-time crimes were as common as confessionals." Fast forward 15 years where the duo is trapped in a cycle of scoring quick cash, drug addiction and an ever-changing South Boston landscape.

The above made-in-Boston clip features Hawke and Ruffalo and is set in Southie near West Broadway.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell is with those cuts?

Looks like they're standing in a park, then the reverse shot looks like they're standing on a roof deck, then back to the park...

Any idea where it was filmed, and if it was filmed in two separate places?

Sam Baltrusis said...

Yeah, I had the same initial reaction. Is it a park or a rooftop? My first thought it was near the JFK/UMass T stop on the Red Line. But now sure.

Sam Baltrusis said...

Sorry, I'm not sure intead of "now" sure.

Anonymous said...

It's filmed at Dorchester Heights in Southie. The park is up on a hill above street level.

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