Saturday, November 08, 2008

'The Cougar' reality show on the prowl in Boston

Move over Ashton Kutcher.

Casting scouts for TV Land's new elimination dating series "The Cougar" are on the hunt for "charming, attractive and adventurous" guys between 21-29 who are interested in vying for the attention of a successful, smokin’ hot, older woman.

Kassting inc. is holding an open casting call 9 p.m.-Midnight Saturday, Nov. 15 at Felt Boston, 533 Washington St.

Meanwhile, VH1 is filming "Camp Cougar," a NYC-based reality series hosted by Lisa Gastineau where mature women are on the prowl for younger man meat.

Maybe the two "Cougar" reality shows should ... well ... hook up?

Click here for the casting lowdown.


Anonymous said...

The Cougar is going to be one of the best tv shows out, just watch. Why do I say this? because there is a biggg market for it. It's like someone is saying or doing what most people want to do without being talked about. watch!

Anonymous said...

so much potential... and then you "meet the guys." eww

Nicolas said...

This show needs to go. Seriously, If the cougar was just divorced maybe, but once you pop out the 1st kid, much less the 4th, keep your love life to yourself. Sorry kids, but mom's got to be ho-ish for herself right now. C'mon, explaining why your making out w/ multiple younger men will be hard, getting your kids not to be promiscuous will be much harder. You are setting a bad example for your children...PERIOD!!

Anonymous said...

Poor example for your children. PERIOD!!

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