Friday, November 07, 2008

GQB takes over The Estate near Park Street

Have the Guerrilla Queer Bar guys jumped the shark?

What once seemed like a clever social experiment in old-school gay activism has gone a bit soft. Kicking off tonight at 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 7, the GQB foks are taking over The Estate, a club that already boasts gay nights on Thursdays and Sundays.

Doesn't that deviate from the GQB's original mission of infiltrating traditionally straight establishments and filling them up with fabulous GLBTs?

"While we appreciate the management’s kind gesture to give us their space on the off-nights of the week, we want more," the organizers write. "We demand more."

GQB regulars get $5 off at the door. The secret gay password? "Hi, I'm with Cher."

Click here for the scoop.

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John Mc said...

Or perhaps too successful for it's own good??? GQB has always been mixed for me (or maybe I'm just an old fart. :) I really love the idea. But the same people that go to a GQB are the ones who leave the real gay bars empty the rest of the month. And while it's nice to be somewhere different, half the time it's some straight bar with a dress code and "meet slutty women" on their web site - do I want to give that kind of place any of my business even if it's a GQB takeover? hmmmmm

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