Thursday, November 20, 2008

MTV's hip-hop 'Made' gets competitive in Lynn

The MTV "Made" competition tonight at the Lynn Memorial Auditorium featuring three kids from Winthrop High deviates a bit from the typical formula that has transformed a slacker into a model, an outcast into a prom queen and a prep into a die-hard skateboarder.

Gone are the feel-good "I think I can" moments featuring individuals with a far-fetched desire to make a change. With the new "Made" formula, contestants are out for blood ... and a $10,000 prize.

MTV launched the new format on Nov. 12 featuring three wannabe models in its tweaked version of "Made" called "This Is A Competition."

With the “Head to Head Hip Hop Challenge" show filming in Lynn, three hip-hop hopefuls--Abby, Eddie and Christine--are vying for the top prize after being coached by Boston native Cedric Crowe as well as CiCi Kelley and Sam Renzetti.

Cris Judd, J.Lo's ex hubby and dancer, Laurie Ann Gibson from MTV's "Making The Band" and Soulja Boy, who is also performing, are judges.

Click here for the casting lowdown on the new "Made" format.

UPDATE: The "Head to Head Hip Hop Challenge" premieres noon Saturday, Jan 10 on MTV. And the winner is ...?


lilkunta said...

Im wathcing this hiphop challenge now (its on now 12-2, so what is premiering @ 5pm?). Ed really annoyed me but I like that he made a big turnaround. (Side note, if he is concerned about paying 4 his mom's bills, y not WALK the short distance 2 school instead of taking a cab, that is a waste of $).

Im surprised that Christine lacks confidence since she is a cheerleader, she too was annoying. Does she act so adversarial in cheerleading practice?

Abby was goodnatured & respectful. I wanted her to win but her dance was really boring. She looked so much better in rehearsals.

Congrats 2 alll.

Sam Baltrusis said...

The two-hour episode will reair at 5 p.m. Saturday, Jan 10.

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