Friday, November 28, 2008

The week in quotes from Hollywood in the Hub

"Production would be severely disrupted if I had to miss a day or more of shooting to attend (a) deposition in Los Angeles."

--Mel Gibson responds to a court order for an in-person deposition earlier this week over a $10 million dispute with "The Passion of the Christ" screenwriter Benedict Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, Gibson reportedly wrapped up filming of the made-in-Boston flick "Edge of Darkness" this past weekend.

"People are just mesmerized. They're dropping names like Julia Roberts and saying you're all going to have jobs."

--Ann Marie Flanagan, a town meeting member in Plymouth, tells the Associated Press why she voted against the soon-to-be-built $488 million film and TV complex called the Plymouth Rock Studios, complete with 14 sound stages and a 10-acre back lot.

"If you are able and you choose to, please come to the audition dressed as a gang member."

--Boston Casting posts in its search for male Hispanic gang members for a made-in-Boston TV pilot.

“Most filmmakers are caught up in what they want to make. However, without several huge stars, big budgets just don’t happen.”

--President of International Sales and Distribution of the Burbank-based Alpine Pictures, Anthony Rene Torres, says about the slew of films--including the made-in-Boston "Maiden Heist" with Christopher Walken and Morgan Freeman--premiering at the American Film Market in Santa Monica.

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