Thursday, December 25, 2008

Donnie Wahlberg on the set of TNT's 'Bunker Hill'

Dorchester native and "Bunker Hill" actor Donnie Wahlberg dispels rumors to his fans via video on concerning his future with the New Kids on the Block.

"I'm having a really great time acting and it's led to some questions folks about whether I'm going to make it back on the road again," Wahlberg dramatically emotes. "It's been really tough thinking about it. I really hate to break the news to you guys this way. After much deliberation and support from my friends and colleagues and much heartfelt soul searching. . ."

Wahlberg is filming the video while on set of "Bunker Hill," the made-in-Charlestown TV pilot for TNT where he plays Mike Moriarty, a Boston cop determined to protect the streets he grew up on from crime and corruption. The native also acts and shares writing credits in the made-in-Southie flick "What Doesn't Kill You" which hit the silver screen in NYC and LA.

After a dramatic pause, Wahlberg spills the beans to an adoring crew of NKOTB fans gathered in his, um, luxurious back-stage trailer. "In 2009, we'll be coming back for more face time!"

Click here for the latest on TNT's "Bunker Hill."

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