Saturday, December 13, 2008

Indian restaurant switcheroo on JP's Centre Street

The restaurant formerly known as Cafe D and before that Arbor Restaurant located at 711 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain reopened last week as an upscale Indian eatery called Ghazal.

Talk about a revolving door.

Officially closing down on Sunday, Aug. 17, Cafe D has undergone a format change of sorts from its American comfort food cuisine to traditional Indian faves like Lamb Tikka Saagwata and Alu Ghobi.

Red, white and blue balloons greet patrons at the revamped locale, nestled between Costello's Bar & Grill and Ban Chiang House, and just a few doors down from Bukhara (Centre Street's Indian restaurant mainstay).

Dueling Indian restaurants on Centre Street? Yep.

Ghazal's decor is, in essence, almost identical to Cafe D's wooden interior except for a few pieces of Hindu artwork hanging on the wall. In fact, the knife-and-fork decals on the windows heralding a "lunch buffet" and "dinner" from Cafe D's not-so-distant past now welcomes patrons to Ghazal.

Click here for the menu.

1 comment:

Rhea said...

It's true, the decor has not changed much. But I am happy to see Ghazal open up. I've eaten there twice since they opened and I like it better than Bukhara.

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