Thursday, December 18, 2008

Odegard's attorney claims third-party defense

Although the forensic evidence proves otherwise, Steven Odegard's attorney John Swomley maintains that there was a third party who "wined and dined" Daniel Yakovleff and was at the scene the night of the murder.

“It’s apparent that Boston Homicide cannot walk and chew gum at the same time,” Swomley says here. “There is ample evidence that a third party did this.”

Odegard was held without bail yesterday following his arraignment on first-degree murder charges of the stabbing death of 20-year-old Yakovleff at the 41-year-old's former apartment at 56 Tuttle Street in Dorchester's Savin Hill neighborhood. The next court date is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 5.

A former acquaintance of Odegard, who initially met the Dorchester resident online, describes the 41-year-old alleged murderer as openly gay, timid, mentally stable and not-at-all aggressive.

"He’s such a kind, gentle soul," the anonymous source remarks to Loaded Gun in an earlier report. "I couldn’t imagine him being involved with an attack or murder of another person--gay or straight. There’s no way he would be responsible for a premeditated, pick-up crime. The only possible scenario I could imagine is that he felt threatened or believed that his life was in danger."

The source says it’s plausible that Odegard could have slept through an altercation between Yakovleff and a third party "especially if drugs or alcohol were involved."

Assistant District Attorney Judith Lyons' account based on forensic evidence tells a completely different story.

“The two men went to the defendant’s home,” Lyons says. “DNA and fingerprint evidence place the two men in the apartment and only the two men in the apartment.”

Lyons continues, “The victim had been stabbed 10 times. He was on his back in a pool of his own blood with his arms bent and clenched toward his face.”

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