Friday, October 31, 2008

Coolidge Corner's Halloween night to dismember

Looking for a night to dismember?

The Halloween tradition returns to the Coolidge Corner Theatre tonight starting at 10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31. Yep, their all-night horror movie marathon is back with six spine-tingling features including "Prom Night," "Demons" and "Pumpkinhead."

Horror enthusiats can eat, drink and be scary for 12 solid hours of gruesome goodness.

At midnight, the Coolidge Corner crew will kick off the marathon with a screening of the Jamie Lee Curtis' killer scream fest "Prom Night."

Throughout the festivities they'll be giving out spooktacular prizes for best costumes, showing scary shorts and vintage, cheesy horror trailers, and will be joined by special guests including Boston's own King of Horror Burlesque, J. Cannibal.

Admission for the whole event is $20 / Special midnighte double-feature ticket only $10 / One-night only overnight parking permits $6 each.

Click here for the ghoulish details.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gun shots from 'EOD' set generate buzz

Neighbors in the Back Bay area expressed concern when they heard gun shots coming from a brownstone at 315 Dartmouth near the corner of Marlborough Street yesterday.

Confirming a Loaded Gun tip posted early on Tuesday, it turns out crews from the Mel Gibson flick "Edge of Darkness" are filming a key scene in the Back Bay neighborhood.

Shooting, as in the made-in-Boston movie and not the gun prop, is slotted to continue today on Beacon between Clarendon and Berkeley streets and then returns to 315 Dartmouth.

Meanwhile, the home owner at 68 Bradfield Ave. in Roslindale has become a local celebrity of sorts scoring a second feature in a local newspaper with the latest in today's West Roxbury Transcript. While "Edge of Darkness" crews filmed key scenes both in and outside of her home last week, Jean Hutchinson says she had a close encounter with Gibson.

“I spoke to him and he said hi," she says. "When he gets out of the car, he is actually thinking about what he’s going to have to do. He just walks straight ahead. His mind is on his work. But when he signs autographs for the kids, he is very cordial to the youngsters. He jokes with the crew."

The Transcript article here mistakenly calls the Mel Gibson flick "Enemy of Darkness" instead of "Edge of Darkness."

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Omni Parker House embraces its haunted past

As a Boston-haunt junkie who has been working on a collection of ghost stories called "Campus Haunts: School Spirits of the Northeast," I've always been amazed when local hotels, theatres and colleges avoid the idea that their establishment could possibly be a hotspot of paranormal activity.

One B&B owner I chatted with over the weekend says ghosts "scare customers away." Go figure.

The recently refurbished Omni Parker House, apparently the most haunted hotel in New England since opening its doors in October of 1855, has seemed to tiptoe around its supernatural history. However, I smiled when I noticed last week that the marketing crew started pushing its "exclusive haunted travel" package via the Google adwords text box on my blog under the headline "Haunted Boston Hotel."

The deep-link section here explores the various sightings of the misty apparition of the hotel's founder, Harvey Parker, who has reportedly been seen roaming the 10th floor annex. While they mention the close encounter of the Parker kind, they do stress that he hasn't been around lately. The last sighting was apparently two decades ago.

However, there's a slew of other stories:

* Elevators are always called to the third floor (the floor Charles Dickens occupied) without a button being pushed or a guest waiting for the elevator.

* In a room on the 10th floor, guests have reported the sound of a rocking chair that kept them up all night. There are no rocking chairs in the hotel.

* Bellmen have reported bright “orbs” of light floating down the corridor on the 10th floor then disappearing.

Click here for the Omni Parker House's spirited backstory.

Monday, October 27, 2008

'Mall Cop' set in New Jersey, shot in Burlington

Co-produced by New England native Adam Sandler, "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" is a comedy starring Kevin James that follows a security guard trying to stop a group of organized crooks who take over a mall.

The trailer goes into Blart's dream of becoming a member of the New Jersey State Police but fails miserably when he falls asleep during an obstacle course test.

While the movie is set at the fictional West Orange Pavilion Mall in New Jersey, a majority of the film was on location at the Burlington Mall in Mass. with additional scenes shot on Centre Street in West Roxbury and South Shore Plaza in Braintree.

"Paul Blart: Mall Cop" is slotted for release Jan. 16, 2009.

Click here for the movie set travel guide on "Paul Blart: Mall Cop."

Will Plymouth become hub for Hollywood East?

Officials in nearby Plymouth, Mass. plan to meet on Monday, Oct. 27 to vote on a proposed $422 million project to develop a movie studio that will position the small town as a hub for made-in-Massachussets productions.

Slated to open Sept. 2010 pending tomorrow's vote, Plymouth Rock Studios will become a major staging area and production studio for filmmakers and offer an educational component.

If the plan is approved, the full-service "green" film and TV studio facility will boast 14 sound stages--ranging in size from 18,000 to 24,000 square feet--and would be built on the site that's currently a 240-acre golf course. If passed at the Town Meeting on Monday, studio producers would have to secure permits and $50 million in additional state-bonded funds for infrastructure improvements.

On Oct. 15, town officials negotiated a 75 percent property tax break for the proposed Plymouth Rock Studios project.

Click here for the lowdown.

UPDATE: Lights, camera ... Plymouth? Kicking off at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 27, the town voted in favor of the $422 million movie studio project in Plymouth.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cops and robbers rule crop of Boston-based films

With all eyes on Mel Gibson’s film "Edge of Darkness," a few made-in-Boston projects have flown under the Hollywood-in-the-Hub radar. With a slew of features and TV pilots in various stages of production, there seems to be a recurring theme:

Hollywood is fixated with Boston-based cops and robbers.

The trend reminds me of the beginning of "The Departed"--Boston's ultimate cops-and-thugs film--when Jack Nicholson's Frank Costello says:

"When I was your age, they would say you could become cops or criminals. What I'm saying is this: When you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?"

Here’s a lineup of upcoming projects (either in pre-production, production or slotted for release within the next year) featuring Boston’s finest and most wanted:

Two U.S. marshals (played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo) investigate the disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally insane on an island near Boston. Based on Dennis Lehane's novel "Shutter Island."

*Boondock Saints II
The underground indie flick returns following fraternal twins on a mission to clean up the Boston underworld while being tracked down by a FBI agent. The sequel is set in Boston but shot in Toronto.

*Bunker Hill
Dorchester native and NKOTB Donnie Wahlberg stars in the Jerry Bruckheimer drama TV pilot for TNT. Tom Brady’s baby momma, Bridget Moynahan, is slotted to play a Boston cop widow and sister-in-law to Wahlberg’s Mike Moriarty, a Boston cop determined to protect the streets he grew up on from crime and corruption.

*Code of Silence
A film slotted to begin filming in March from "Townies" writer/director Mike O'Dea, "Code of Silence" follows boxer Mickey Callaghan with an extraordinary family legacy ... his father John Callaghan is a feared and ruthless Winter Hill crime boss.

*Edge of Darkness
Mel Gibson stars as a homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept. who digs up the many secrets surrounding the death of his activist daughter.

*The Governess
With filming scheduled in the Boston area this winter, "The Governess" stars Jennifer Lopez as a thief who poses as a wealthy widower’s nanny who must come clean when she starts to fall for the man she initially planned to rob.

*Hatteras Hotel
This made-in-Rockport thriller follows a Boston police officer who becomes sheriff of a fictional New England town called Salem Harbor. His first case is to investigate the mysterious circumstances of a teen found dead after a night of partying at the "Hatteras Hotel."

*The Maiden Heist
Starring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy, this made-in-Boston flick is a comedy of errors following three museum security guards and their attempt to steal artwork after it's been transferred to another museum.

*Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Kevin James stars as Paul Blart in "Mall Cop," a comedy about a security guard trying to stop a group of organized crooks who take over a mall. While set at the fictional West Orange Pavilion Mall in New Jersey, a majority of the film was shot at the mall in nearby Burlington.

*The Surrogates
The film, set in Boston in the near future where humans interact with one another through surrogate robots, stars Bruce Willis as a cop who tracks down murderers.

*The Town
An adaptation of the Charlestown-based blue-collar heist novel by Chuck Hogan, "The Town" will feature Ben Affleck who recently signed on to write, star and direct in the film following a bizarre love triangle involving a crook, a female bank teller and a FBI agent.

*War of '04
Spike-TV has snagged a two-hour TV pilot centering around Irish gang warfare in Boston also known as "Madso's War." Walter Hill, an Emmy-award winner, is slotted to direct the scripted show while Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White is producing.

*What Doesn't Kill You
Based on a true story of two childhood friends who turn to crime to get by, Brian Goodman's "What Doesn't Kill You" is the latest made-in-Boston film (starring Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke) coming from the streets of South Boston. The movie is slotted for limited release in NYC and LA on Friday, Dec. 12.

(Photo: William H. Macy and Morgan Freeman in "The Maiden Heist," a Yari Film Group release)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Anti-gay activist takes sketchy photos then strips

Michael Olivio, an activist with the vitriolic anti-gay group MassResistance, was apprehended by police after mistakenly shooting photos outside of West Middle School in Andover then stripping after police questioned his actions.

Olivio, a regular contributor to the online hate site, apparently thought he was snapping photos of the high school (where a GLBT group was allegedly meeting) but was taking photos of the middle school.

According to the Eagle-Tribune, he was questioned by police then proceeded to run away from the scene while stripping his clothing.

"He was not completely naked," police Lt. James Hashem adds. Olivio says he's working on an anti-gay documentary ... but had no explanation for his eratic behavior.

Click here to read the full report in the Eagle-Tribune. Hilarious stuff.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

'Edge of Darkness' causes rush-hour traffic snarl

Filming of "Edge of Darkness" on the Mass Pike near the Weston tolls at the Route 30 and Route 128 exit caused a snarl during the Thursday morning commute around Newton Corner.

Spokesman for the Turnpike Authority Mac Daniel released the following statement:

"We apologize to the commuters who were stuck in this morning's quagmire near the Weston interchange," he responds. "In hindsight, we should not have allowed the filming to take place during the morning rush hour."

Mel Gibson's body double was apparently driving through a toll booth for this scene.

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

Roslindale home turned into 'EOD' crime scene

Confirming my post on Tuesday, the Roslindale Transcript reports today that crews from the made-in-Boston film "Edge of Darkness" are filming scenes at a residence located at 68 Bradfield Ave. in Roslindale this week.

Jean Hutchinson, the home's owner, says a replica of her house was crafted in a local studio to facilitate a majority of the interior footage. However, crews are shooting key exterior shots outside of the brown Roslindale two-story dwelling including a scene involving a fleet of Boston Police vehicles.

Loaded Gun spies say the home is, in essence, the crime scene where Mel Gibson's activist daughter is found murdered and is reportedly shot to death on the front porch. Gibson stars as the victim's father Thomas Craven, a homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept. who digs up the many secrets surrounding her death.

According to the Transcript, Hutchinson will likely land a small role in the made-in-Boston film.

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 All-Media Bash at the Milky Way

Moving from upstairs Bella Luna to the more spacious Milky Way complex downstairs, the event I hosted tonight in Jamaica Plain was a huge success.

The venue, slotted to close permanently in March 2009, hosted a jam-packed crowd of media professionals, freelance writers and party-going extraordinaires. The Bella Luna crew served up a slew of appetizers followed by several tasty gourmet pizzas.

Above is a shot of Anny Deirmenjian from Image Unlimited Communications and blogger Noelle Sevoian from signing in guests at the Boston All-Media bash.

Check out the photostream here.

'Edge of Darkness' revisits Roslindale controversy

"Edge of Darkness" is filming at 68 Bradfield in Roslindale from Tuesday, Oct 21 until Friday, Oct. 24.

Remember the drama that first hit the news in July fueled by a blog post on from Roslindale resident Brian Keaney?

His aunt and uncle were reportedly thrilled by the idea of having their building appear in "Edge of Darkness" ... until they found out the movie stars Mel Gibson.

Here's a portion of the rant via Universal Hub:

"They wanted to pay (my uncle) to use the front porch for lighting or something, but Mel Gibson is involved and so my Jewish aunt nixed that. ... My uncle told the movie people exactly why he wasn't allowing them, but they are still trying. The tenants are upset, too, because they were going to get paid as well. I guess in the movie Mel Gibson's daughter is going to be shot on the front porch across the street."

Back in July, Keaney says his aunt and uncle initially denied the filmmaker's permission to shoot because they were upset over the anti-Semitic remarks Gibson reportedly made during his 2006 DUI arrest in California.

"I think the filmmakers might come to my uncle and aunt later and see if this has blown over," Keaney tells the Globe on July 21. "But the answer's going to be the same."

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

UPDATE: Click here for on-the-set photos from the Roslindale shoot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mel Gibson hosts mid-wrap party at Coogan's Bluff

Several Loaded Gun spies confirm that Mel Gibson hosted a huge mid-wrap party on Saturday, Oct. 18 at Coogan's Bluff, a traditional Irish pub/restaurant at 160 Milk St. in the Financial District.

Also, one tipster believes they've spotted the "Edge of Darkness" actor today (Monday, Oct. 20) on New Street in East Boston.

"[He's] outside my office on New Street in East Boston," the tipster writes. "Smokes a lot!"

A source on IMDB confirms the East Boston sighting: "They're shooting at the [Carlton] Wharf again today. Take the Blue Line in Boston to Maverick, you can't miss them."

Next stop? They're filming at 68 Bradfield in Roslindale from Tuesday, Oct 21 until Friday, Oct. 24.

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sneak peek of Mel Gibson in 'Edge of Darkness' gives a "first look" of "Edge of Darkness," the made-in-Boston film currently in production and starring Mel Gibson.

The publicity photo, shot by Macall Polay, features the Aussie in his first lead role since "Signs" in 2002.

Based on the dark 1985 BBC miniseries, "Edge of Darkness" is a thriller about a cop who investigates the murder of his protester daughter. The photo here features Gibson's Thomas Craven character as he pays a visit to his daughter's boyfriend played by Shawn Roberts.

Director Martin Campbell tells that Gibson's return to the big screen as a leading man has been smooth.

''I'm sure he was nervous — he's been behind the camera for years,'' Campbell says. ''But he didn't show it.''

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

Madonna partied at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston

Madonna reportedly rented out an entire floor of the Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common hotel after her sold-out "Sticky & Sweet" shows at the TD Banknorth Garden on Wednesday, Oct. 15 and Thursday, Oct. 16.

The 50-year-old pop icon's entourage apparently partied into the wee hours Thursday night and sources say her troupe set off a fire alarm early on Friday, Oct. 17.

Madonna allegedly slept through the entire ruckus.

The party, one U.K. paper suggests, was a kiss-off bash to celebrate the end of her seven-year marriage with director Guy Ritchie.

Madonna is currently in Canada finishing a two-night run of sold-out shows in Toronto.

Meanwhile, click here for some great shots of the Boston show from librarygirl23 on Flickr. And, click here for the backstory in Loaded Gun.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Take a Boston trolley ride back in 1903

Here's a blast from Boston's past.

The above clip is an interesting peek of what Boston was like in the early 1900s. The YouTube video is an excerpt from a 1903 Edison Biograph film that chronicles life in downtown Boston. A camera was mounted in front of an old-school trolley that takes a trip past Jordan Marsh then heads down Boylston Street into Copley Square.

The YouTube clip was posted by the Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership (STEP). Visit here to learn more about the non-profit group.

Mel Gibson blocks traffic outside of South Station

The "Edge of Darkness" scene shot on Atlantic Ave. outside of South Station was literally a stone's throw from my day job on South Street in the Leather District.

After hundreds of extras and gawkers surrounded the exterior of South Station in the wee hours of Thursday, Oct. 16, Gibson finally pulled up in a black SUV at around 10 a.m. The scene? Gibson frantically feeds the parking meter on Atlantic Ave. and then darts across the street toward South Station.

For those of you who know this block, this is a heavily trafficked part of town especially during the weekday commute. While crews had the area controlled and literally directed spectators to a spot in front of the Federal Reserve building, they didn't have the authority to stop traffic.

So drivers were passing by while Gibson was frantically crossing the street. Talk about a gawker blocker. It must have been such a surreal sight to see Mad Max making a mad dash toward South Station while they were en route to work.

Click here for the latest.

Joey McIntyre flick 'On Broadway' debuts online

"On Broadway," an indie film shot in 20 days starring New Kids On The Block's Joey McIntyre and Eliza Dushku from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," will make its debut next month ... on the Internet.

Filmed in 2006 on a shoestring budget of a mere $1 million, "On Broadway" is about a 30-something Boston playwright who stages a production of his work in the back of an Irish pub in South Boston. And yep, it's set on Broadway.

After a successful festival-circuit run, director Lance Greene turned down three straight-to-DVD offers and opted to sign with a new company, Cinetic Rights Management, with plans to launch the acclaimed full-length feature online next month.

In a Wall Street Journal article today called "Indie Films Hit The Web," director Greene says he's optimistic the film's niche appeal will reach a wider audience online. "There's 40 million Irish Americans you can market to," he adds.

Click here for the lowdown on the made-in-Boston movie.

UPDATE: "On Broadway" is available via Amazon video on demand here.

Friday, October 17, 2008

'What Doesn't Kill You' clip shot in Billerica

Based on a true story of two childhood friends who turn to crime to get by, Brian Goodman's "What Doesn't Kill You" is the latest made-in-Boston film coming from the streets of South Boston.

The above "What Doesn't Kill You" clip features Mark Ruffalo as Brian and his wife played by Amanda Peet (sporting a convincing Boston accent) at the Billerica House of Correction.

The made-in-Boston film is slotted for limited release in NYC and LA on Friday, Dec. 12, 2008.

Click here for the latest on "What Doesn't Kill You."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Madonna takes jab at Ritchie on Boston stage

Madonna, performing her second sold-out "Sticky & Sweet" concert tonight at the TD Banknorth Garden, allegedly made a thinly veiled reference to her soon-to-be ex husband Guy Ritchie at last night's concert in Boston.

According to, she dedicated her song “Miles Away” to the “emotionally retarded. You may know a few people like that. God knows I do."

In an earlier interview with Elle magazine, the 50-year-old pop icon admits that the line"When I'm gone you'll realize/That I'm the best thing that happened to you" was inspired by the British director.

Click here for the original story on Madonna's announcement to end her marriage with Ritchie before hitting the Boston stage last night.

Beijing Kyoto opens today in Leather District

Adding one more option to an area once void of after-work dinner options, a new Japanese-Chinese restaurant called Beijing Kyoto opened this week on South Street in the Leather District.

Unlike some of its nearby competitors, the restaurant serves up Asian-fusion cuisine seven days a week (10:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Sun.-Thu. and 10:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Fri.-Sat.).

Officially opening its doors today, the restaurant's neon sign has been hanging in the window of 112 South Street for weeks. For all of those "Edge of Darkness" extras finishing up filming outside of South Station tomorrow, this may be the go-to place for lunch.

Beijing Kyoto is the second restaurant to recently set up shop in the neighborhood. Al's South Street Cafe opened in the Leather District on South Street opened to rave reviews on Wednesday, Sept. 17.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boston Casting searching for 'EOD' extras

Confirming earlier reports in Loaded Gun, exterior filming is slotted for South Station (Atlantic Avenue) in the wee hours of Thursday, Oct. 16.

Boston Casting is on the hunt for background actors with vehicles and extras for specialty roles including a meter maid, UPS guy, couriers, officers, etc. Call time is 5:30 a.m.

All other background actors--train workers, commuters and pedestrians--should show up at 6 a.m. Casting directors ask for participants to come prepared. Click here for wardrobe details.

And, for those looking to snap a few photos, don't do it. According to the casting call: "Anyone found taking pictures on set will be excused immediately."

Click here for the lowdown.

Madonna announces divorce, heads to Boston

Madonna, en route to Boston to perform her "Sticky & Sweet" concert tonight at the TD Banknorth Garden, is fighting off hordes of paparazzi after the news hit today that she's ending her 7+ year marriage with Guy Ritchie.

A statement e-mailed to The Associated Press from Madonna spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg confirms that the couple has agreed to divorce and asks the media to respect their privacy.

Slotted to perform tonight and tomorrow (Oct. 16), the sold-out event celebrates the icon's latest release, "Hard Candy."The album is Madonna’s swan song for Warner Bros. Records, the label she’s leaving for an industry-shattering, $120 million and 10-year deal with Live Nation Inc (virtually guaranteeing her fans another decade of delight).

Click here for the lowdown.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Edge of Darkness' crews return to golf course

Returning to the scene of the crime where Robert De Niro literally dropped the ball at the Gannon Municipal Golf Course in Lynn before leaving the made-in-Boston film over "creative differences," the "Edge of Darkness" crew is currently filming today with British powerhouse Ray Winstone.

De Niro had signed to play an operative sent to clean up the evidence in the murder of a young female activist. Mel Gibson stars as the victim's father, a homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept. who digs up the many secrets surrounding her death.

Winstone, who was featured in "The Departed" as Mr. French and was last seen in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," has quietly replaced De Niro after he was last seen shooting a problematic scene at the golf course's 15th hole in early September.

Meanwhile, exterior filming is slotted for South Station (Atlantic Avenue) on Thursday, Oct. 16 and Friday, Oct. 17. There will be additional shooting at Carlton Wharf in East Boston on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Southie bar makes big-screen comeback in 'Heist'

First, "Gone Baby Gone" now "The Maiden Heist."

Murphy's Law, the colorful black-and-red neighborhood pub in South Boston at 837 Summer St. known for its quirky collection of bar decor including old superhero characters and barbie dolls, makes its big-screen comeback in "The Maiden Heist."

The Southie watering hole first served as a film location for the Ben Affleck-directed "Gone Baby Gone" in 2007 when Casey Alleck's character Patrick and gal pal Angie (Michelle Monaghan) strike a deal with Lionel McCready (Titus Welliver) to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl.

Once again, the Southie locale will make a movie cameo in "The Maiden Heist," formerly known as "The Lonely Maiden." The made-in-Boston flick, and starring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy, is a comedy of errors following three museum security guards and their attempt to steal artwork after it's been transferred to another museum.

"The Maiden Heist" is slotted to make its world premiere at the American Film Market in Santa Monica on Wednesday, Nov. 5 with a repeat screening Sunday, Nov. 9.

Click here for the latest on "The Maiden Heist."

Beantown native Mark Wahlberg slams 'SNL' skit

Mark Wahlberg, a Dorchester native who has gone on to star in a slew of big-budget Hollywood flicks including the upcoming "Max Payne," slams the "Saturday Night Live" sketch called "Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals."

In a feature in yesterday's NY Post, Wahlberg says:

"Someone showed it to me on YouTube. It wasn't like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, that's for sure. And 'Saturday Night Live' hasn't been funny for a long time," he bites. "They've asked me to do the show a ton of times. I used to watch it when Eddie Murphy was there and Joe Piscopo and Bill Murray. I don't even know who's on the show now."

In the sketch, comic Andy Samberg mocks Wahlberg as he chats with a barnyard of animals including a chicken, a goat, a donkey and a dog. The skit, which has gone viral here, labels the bit as "Barky Bark and the Donkey Bunch."

Click here for the New York Post Q&A with Wahlberg,

UPDATE: Wahlberg threatened to beat up Andy Samberg on Jimmy Kimmel's show on Thursday, Oct. 16. The Boston native tells Kimmel he would track down Samberg and "crack that big (bleep)ing nose of his."

On Saturday, Oct. 18, Wahlberg made a cameo on "SNL" where he confronts Samberg while mocking the "Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals" skit. Of course, Wahlberg used the on-air showdown to plug his new movie, "Max Payne."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ed Hardy's vintage tattoo wear hits Newbury St.

Vintage tattoo wear on Newbury Street? You bet.

Slotted to open later this year, the chain sells both clothing and accessories inspired by tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy, the grandfather of the modern tattoo. The Newbury Street store will highlight 2,000 sq. ft. of Ed Hardy designs and, based on the "opening soon" sign, will boast a Coney Island-esque rock 'n' roll aesthetic.

Spearheaded by lifestyle designer Christian Audigier, an innovator who first won over celebs with his Von Dutch brand back in 2004, the new Ed Hardy boutique in Boston promises to jolt Newbury Street into submission with its colorful designs and edgy atmospherics.

Oh, and the clothes and sunglasses are killer as well.

Click here for more information.

'What Doesn't Kill You' clip showcases Southie

The real-life crime drama "What Doesn't Kill You," originally titled "Real Men Cry," is set in Boston and stars Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo as childhood friends "who grew up in an Irish-Catholic neighborhood where small-time crimes were as common as confessionals." Fast forward 15 years where the duo is trapped in a cycle of scoring quick cash, drug addiction and an ever-changing South Boston landscape.

The above made-in-Boston clip features Hawke and Ruffalo and is set in Southie near West Broadway.

Click here for the latest.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mr. Bartley's reopens in Harvard Square

Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers, a Harvard Square staple that has been serving up political slander and pop-culture worship along with its killer burgers since 1960, is back in business.

A grease fire on Saturday, Sept. 20 forced the owners to close down shop for the first time in almost 50 years.

The iconic Mass. Ave restaurant caught on fire after a buildup of grease in the grill's hood became combustible. Fire and smoke damage is estimated around $90,000.

Mr. Bartley's is famous for spotlighting B-list celebs and politicos with tasty burgers named after folks like Dick "a heart beat away" Cheney, Arnold "this is no girly burger" Schwarzenegger and Al "they all lie" Franken.

Click here for the lowdown.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mel Gibson at the Hampshire County Courthouse

Here's a video clip of Mel Gibson shooting a scene for "Edge of Darkness" on the steps of the Hampshire County Courthouse in Northampton.

Currently finishing filming at nearby Mount Sugarloaf in South Deerfield today, the movie is slotted to wrap in the area tomorrow. Next stop, Boston?

Click here for the latest.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Grecian Yearning appears in made-in-Boston flick

The Grecian Yearning, a quintessential greasy spoon that served up old-school breakfast food on Harvard Ave. in Allston before being destroyed by an electrical fire on June 10, 2008, will make a comeback of sorts next month.

The mom-and-pop diner served as a film location for the movie "The Lonely Maiden"--now called "The Maiden Heist"--a made-in-Boston film starring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy.

"The Maiden Heist" is slotted to make its world premiere at the American Film Market in Santa Monica next month--giving those yearning for The Grecian Yearning a chance to see the diner in all of its former glory.

The scene featuring the Grecian Yearning was shot in late November 2007.

Owner Nicholas Katsarikas and his wife, son and daughter all got to participate in the film shoot, playing — what else — the chef, cashier and wait staff at the diner.

Click here for the lowdown.

(Photo of Christopher Walken and Morgan Freeman in THE MAIDEN HEIST, a Yari Film Group release. ©2008 Yari Film Group Releasing.)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Spike-TV orders Boston-based pilot on Irish gangs

Will Boston get its own Whitey Bulger-style version of "The Sopranos?" Perhaps.

Spike-TV has snagged a two-hour TV pilot centering around Irish gang warfare in Boston. Walter Hill, an Emmy-award winner, is slotted to direct the scripted show.

According to this press release, the series will go into prodution late this fall and will be shot on location in Boston.

The story centers around the fallout when a Boston mob boss abruptly takes a leave of absence while rival gangs duke it out in an epic battle for control.

No word if the series is based on wanted South Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger

Click here for the lowdown.

UPDATE: Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White, producer of the Spike-TV series, is in Southie scouting for his two-hour Irish mob pilot.

'Edge of Darkness' returns to South Station?

I noticed yellow EOD signs around South Station today pointing crews to the "Edge of Darkness" base camp. Maybe they're doing pick-up shots for the scene above featuring Mel Gibson in early September?

Click here for the latest on "Edge of Darkness."

UPDATE: Confirming my earlier post, exterior filming is slotted for South Station (Atlantic Street) on Thursday, Oct. 16 and Friday, Oct. 17. There will be additional shooting at Carlton Wharf in East Boston on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

'Hell's Kitchen' casting in Boston on Sunday

Gordan Ramsay, the tough-as-nails chef who takes the concept of tough love to the extreme, has his knife drawn for some Boston fresh meat for his hit FOX reality show.

Senior casting directors plan to hold a regional open casting call 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday, October 12 at Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers, 50 Park Plaza.

Producers are looking for skilled 'chefs' who are passionate about cooking and are hungry to prove their talents. Those interested in auditioning should be talented, outspoken, competitive and at least 21-years-old.

And, most important, directors are looking for Boston's culinary elite who not only have the cooking chops but the stamina cook alongside "Hell's Kitchen" acerbic Brit Ramsay.

Click here for more information.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Boston-area students study abroad in Tinseltown

Forget study abroad programs in London, Paris and Sydney. A growing number of Boston-area college students looking for jobs in the entertainment industry are making the trek to the Left Coast.

The Los Angeles Times reports on the trend of East Coast schools sending their students over to the Los Angeles area and enrolling them into apprenticeships in TV, movies, music and advertising.

Boston University and Emerson are leading the pack. In fact, BU has 67 students enrolled in the program this fall.

Emerson, a trailblazer in the L.A. study abroad program, recently forked over $12 million in April for a parking lot in Hollywood which they plan to transform into dorms, classrooms and production facilities.

Emerson's Evan Kaufman, a writing major originally from Connecticut, says the study-abroad semester in L.A. is a good way to "dip your top in the water."

While Kaufman acknowledges that Boston is becoming a newfound hub for indie filmmakers, he adds: "But if you want to write the next 'Iron Man,' you have to be here," he continues. "There's really no two ways about it. And I think a lot of kids have that fantasy of coming out here and making it big."

Click here for the lowdown.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bolton native makes cut on VH1's 'Scream Queens'

Jessica Palette, a 23-year-old waitress originally from Bolton, Mass. now living in NYC, made the cut on VH1's new reality show called "Scream Queens."

Presided over by judges James Gunn, Shawnee Smith and acting coach John Homa, "Scream Queens" gathers 10 up-and-coming actresses to vie for a break-out role in Saw VI from Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures.

According to Palette's bio, she "has held down so many part-time jobs, quitting each one after only a few months work, that she's often afraid to go to certain areas of the city for fear of being recognized."

Her previous experience includes the role of Jessie in the indie horror flick "Under the Raven's Wing."

VH1 plans to kick off the series on Monday, Oct. 20.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Mel Gibson encounter of the 'Mad Max' kind

Geoffrey Schorkopf, a reporter with the Emory Wheel in Atlanta, recounts an interesting encounter with Mel Gibson while interviewing "Choke" director Clark Gregg in the lobby of Boston's Ritz-Carlton.

According to Schorkopf, the Aussie gives a colorful response when asked why he's in Boston.

Gibson's quip: “[I'm] shooting a f--king movie, man.”

The "Choke" director, in the Hub promoting his "sex-addict dark comedy," has a past with the "Edge of Darkness" star. It seems that the duo starred in the 2002 flick "We Were Soldiers."

The Emory University reporter seems to be fixated on his brush with Gibson.

"So this is my first taste of what Boston is like: filled with charismatic indie directors, fancy and aromatic hotels, millions of sexually worked up college kids," Schorkopf continues. "And of course, one workaholic anti-Semite."

Check out Schorkopf's snarky--and extremely well crafted--report in the Emory Wheel.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

New England Blade print edition on hiatus

In spite of Ethan Jacobs' report today in Bay Windows, my initial post regarding the New England Blade's growing financial problems has a new twist.

The publication's print edition in now on hiatus according to the Blade's site.

Jacobs, an associate editor at Bay Windows, dissects my post in his lede:

"Last week the New England Blade became the subject of rumors on the LGBT blogosphere after local blogger Sam Baltrusis wrote Sept. 24 on his Loaded Gun blog that the paper was facing a financial crisis."

Here's the lowdown from my tipster:

* New England Blade was served an eviction notice from their landlord at 450 Harrison Avenue in the South End.

* The staff has been asked to wait before they cash their paychecks.

* They were told that HX Media in NYC is trying to line up some angel investors to put money into the company.

* Payments to the distributor are rumored to be two months behind which could impede the delivery of tomorrow's paper (which was late, btw).

* HX Media honcho Matthew Bank allegedly flew in from NYC to quell the staff's growing discontent.

James Patterson, the publisher at the New England Blade, tells Bay Windows' Jacobs that the pub is not being evicted ... their lease is merely up and they're in the process of renegotiating.

The publisher declined to comment on the claim that staffers were asked to wait to cash their paychecks, however, he did say the paper has acquired new investors.

Patterson's spin in Bay Windows blames Wall Street for the delay in payments to the distributor.

My thoughts?

If it walks like a gay duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. Sounds like New England Blade's swan song to me.

Click here for the sad news from the former IN Newsweekly.

Also, go here for Bay Window's take on the gay publishing drama.

GQB pub crawl hits Harvard Square

Gay pub crawl? You bet.

The Guerrilla Gay Bar folks are taking over Harvard Square ... yes, the entire square ... in honor of their one-year anniversary of infiltrating Boston's more hetero hangouts.

GQB is hitting the streets of Cambridge starting 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 3.

The crawl includes typical frat boy hangouts like Tommy Doyles, Redline, Grendel's Den and Om.

Organizers Daniel and Josh say the flash mob has outgrown the average Cambridge haunt and they plan to meet in the grassy knoll in front Peet's Coffee & Tea (100 Mount Auburn St.).

Yes, we're here. We're queer. We want a beer.

Click here for more info.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mel Gibson in Cambridge, heading to Northampton

Sightings of Mel Gibson, currently in Boston filming "Edge of Darkness," have been pouring in to Loaded Gun today.

The flick, a thriller about a cop who investigates the murder of his protester daughter, has taken over Coolidge Hill Road as well as the front gates of the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

One Loaded Gun spy says the Aussie "looks handsome in person" and that he jetted away in a black Escalade after finishing the scene.

Also, police officials in Northampton announced today that they are closing part of Main Street for several hours on Tuesday, Oct. 7 to accommodate "Edge of Darkness" filming between the U.S. Post Office on Bridge Street to Center Street.

The "Edge of Darkness" set in Northampton is slotted to go up Sunday, Oct. 5 with filming continuing until Saturday, Oct. 11.

Meanwhile, British powerhouse Ray Winstone has stepped in to replace legend Robert De Niro as an operative sent to clean up the evidence in the murder of a young female activist.

Click here for the latest.

Paris Hilton's new BFF from Worcester?

Bryan Gallagher, one of two guys from the new MTV reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," made it past the initial cut last night but the Worcester, Mass. native didn't make much of an impression on the celebutante.

In fact, he was overlooked by the heiress at the initial meet-and-greet party then he refused to participate in a makeover session by the fab designer duo Heatherette.

Dissing Paris? Not hot.

However, not playing nice is exactly what you'd expect from someone who describes himself as "the hottest gay guy around when he goes clubbing in Boston."

Odds are Hilton will give this 22-year-old criminal justice student the jewel-studded boot after texting the local with her snarky slam TTYN ... talk to you never.

Click here for the lowdown on Gallagher.

UPDATE: The "BFF" wannabe was cut on the Tuesday, Oct. 14 episode after making an impromptu trek to Japan with Hilton. Sayonara!

Art opening in Watertown with Dr. Death

An open house with Dr. Death? Yep.

Jack Kevorkian, best known for serving eight years in prison for his controversial death-with-dignity practices, unveils his macabre collection of paintings this Sunday, Oct. 5 from 3-5 p.m. at the Armenian Library and Museum of America, 65 Main Street in Watertown.

The infamous former pathologist is also a musician, composer and artist whose paintings ... no surprise here ... explore some of the darker aspects of the human psyche.

“THE DOCTOR IS OUT: The Art of Dr. Jack Kevorkian" will be on display through Dec. 5.

Click here for more information or call 617-926-2562.

Photo: “1915 Genocide 1945″ by Jack Kevorkian
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