Monday, January 12, 2009

Oy! Boston-set 'Ronna and Beverly' hit Showtime

If Patsy and Eddie from "AbFab" were Jewish and had thick Boston accents, they would be the politically-incorrect comedic duo from "Ronna and Beverly."

Sketch queens Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo team up with "Weeds" creator Jenji Kohan to produce a set-in-Boston pilot for Showtime, following two-middle aged Marblehead women who publish and aggressively promote a dating guide for Jewish singles called "You'll Do a Little Better Next Time."

Chaffin and Denbo have been hashing out the characters in L.A. clubs and YouTube for years putting on shows like "Ronna and Beverly's All Jew Review" and "Ronna and Beverly's Kosher Xmas." The fictional duo of Glickman and Ginsburg have been friends for 40 years ... 38 if you count the two years they didn't speak.

Kohan tells Variety that the "Ronna and Beverly" project for Showtime came together quickly.

"They've created two of the most fully realized characters I've ever seen," Kohan says of Chaffin and Denbo. "It came together so easily when we all sat down to write the script."

The pilot will start shooting in February with "Freaks and Geeks" director Paul Feig. No word if exterior scenes for the Boston-set pilot will actually be shot in the Bay State.

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