Friday, January 23, 2009

Did Luke Verge win MTV's 'Bromance' top prize?

Did local Luke Verge win over Brody Jenner's affections to snag the ultimate BFF bragging rights on MTV's "Bromance"? Some guy in the audio clip above, posted on Barstool Sports, believes so ... in fact, the alleged family friend left a supposed voicemail message at MTV headquarters in NYC.

“He’s spilling the beans and telling us everything that happens before it happens,” the caller says about Verge with a thick Medford accent. “He’s ruining it for everyone in this area . . . This is serious information.”

Verge, a self-described "designated party animal" and 24-year-old substitute elementary school teacher originally from Medford currently living in Las Vegas, says his stint on reality TV in Los Angeles is a far cry from his life growing up in Medford.

"I mean the first night [we] were at a lingerie party with smoke-shows and taking limo rides. Back home I'm lucky to see half a nip from the drunk girl who fell over at the local dollar draft bar," Verge writes on his blog here.

Now, isn't that bromantic.

UPDATE: Medford's Luke Verge does win MTV's "Bromance." Get the lowdown here.


primus said...

yea...i think so too!
he s making it! :)

nicole said...

I'm a good friend of Luke's and I have NO IDEA if he won or not. He's not telling ANY OF US how the show ends. It's killing me not to know.

That caller must have been a hater!


marcwrz said...

Didn't get to see the last few eps but Luke and I went to college together (yeaaa acting class haha), c'mon the guy was a natural to win. haha

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