Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mel Gibson's 'EOD' film funds rides for homeless

Are made-in-Boston films the gift that keep on giving? Money donated by producer Graham King and actor Mel Gibson, recently in town filming the locally-shot movie "Edge of Darkness," is indirectly helping Amherst's homeless population combat New England's freezing temperatures, according to a report here.

Amherst College coughed up $40,000 of the money paid to them by the "Edge of Darkness" crews for property used during filming including the former Strategic Air Command bunker back in October. The "EOD" rent money was handed over to fund a program offering free taxi service to homeless folks in the area and temporary lodging in a local motel.

An equally philanthropic report surfaced back in December that Gibson himself donated $25,000 to Casa Myrna Vazquez, a South Boston domestic violence program and shelter for battered women.

Based on the dark 1985 BBC miniseries, "Edge of Darkness" follows Gibson's Thomas Craven character, a homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept., who digs up the many secrets surrounding the death of his activist daughter.

The positive news punctuates a tumultuous remake of the successful British miniseries including Oscar winner Robert De Niro abruptly quitting the flick on his first day citing "creative differences" coupled with Brit Ray Winstone replacing him as well as a flurry of manufactured rumors including Gibson's reported bar hopping around Boston in August.

Click here for the backstory on "Edge of Darkness."

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