Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MTV's hip-hop 'Made' shot in Lynn airs Jan. 10

With the “Head to Head Hip Hop Challenge" show filmed at the Lynn Memorial Auditorium on Thursday, Nov. 20, three hip-hop hopefuls plucked from Winthrop High School--Abby, Eddie and Christine--are vying for the top prize after being coached by Boston native Cedric Crowe as well as CiCi Kelley and Sam Renzetti.

The back-to-back "Made" episode shot in Lynn and Winthrop will air on MTV this Saturday, Jan. 10 at noon.

Who's gonna win--Abby the goofy tomboy, Eddie the shy, pop culture fanatic or Christine the cheerleader? All three are out for blood ... and a $10,000 prize.

The wannabe hip-hop dancers were trained to compete and perform with Soulja Boy in the "Made: Head To Head Hip Hop Challenge."

Cris Judd, J.Lo's ex hubby and dancer, Laurie Ann Gibson from MTV's "Making The Band" and, Soulja Boy, who is slotted to perform "The Bird Walk," are judges.

Safar Coiffures, an upscale salon located at 23 Newbury Street, is where the trio gets a makeover before the big competition.

Click here for Loaded Gun's original post on the MTV show. And the winner is ...?

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