Thursday, January 15, 2009

The week in quotes from Hollywood in the Hub

"I mean the first night [we] were at a lingerie party with smoke-shows and taking limo rides. Back home I'm lucky to see half a nip from the drunk girl who fell over at the local dollar draft bar."

--Luke Verge, a finalist for Brody Jenner's affections on MTV's "Bromance,"
writes on his blog that his stint on reality TV in Los Angeles is a far cry from his life growing up in Medford.

"Hello? Mama talkin', mama talkin'. OK?"

--Jennifer Lopez, allegedly slotted to shoot the ill-fated Yari Film Group flick "The Governess" in Boston, takes the mic and shushes the crowds at the Golden Globe Awards.

“It was either here or Australia. As much as I would like to see Australia, I was happy to spend it here and get my aunt’s home cooking to boot.”

--Elizabeth Banks, Pittsfield native and keynote speaker at the Commonwealth Awards on Tuesday, Jan 13, says her location options for the locally-shot sci-fi film "The Surrogates" were either Boston or Australia.

"He's a veteran from World War II, and his search leads him to the island's insane asylum. It unravels into a whole other set of problems, with twists and turns ... it is not a weekend comedy."

Leonardo DiCaprio describes his role in the made-in-Mass. flick "Shutter Island."

"The first draft took me so long, but as you know writing is not something you can put a rush on."

--Mike O'Dea, a Boston-based writer and actor who earned regional ink back in 2007 while shooting his low-budget flick "Townies," tells Loaded Gun that he's putting the finishing touches on the shooting script for "Code of Silence."

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